Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing: Which Is Better For Your Business?

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Marketing is the most crucial and confusing aspect of your business. You get bombarded with a variety of options and have a limited budget to spend on these strategies. If you are unable to reach a decision about choosing the tried and tested traditional marketing method or the recent digital marketing solution, the article will help your decision. 

Traditional marketing is transmitted through channels that aren’t online, while digital marketing uses digital platforms like social media, blogging, and email marketing.

Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing:

Target audience:


According to a recent report, people aged between 54-60 years watch TV for around 5 hours and 43 minutes per day during the first quarter of 2020. People aged 65 and above watched 6 hours and 13 minutes per day. This clearly shows that traditional marketing methods like TV advertisements are perfect for products that cater to this age group. 

However, adults between 18-34 years of age spend 3 times as much time using apps on their smartphones. They rarely watch television. So, digital marketing is more suited for your business if it targets consumers within this age group. 

Audience type: 

Local or global 

Radio ads, billboards, and newspapers are the best avenues for marketing local products or products that target local consumers. Since these are traditional techniques, your best approach would be traditional marketing. 

Digital marketing uses the internet and the world wide web to market your products to a global audience. Social media is more suitable for products that can be used globally. 

Rural or urban 

Doordarshan and radio shows are more prevalent among people in rural areas rather than urban spaces. Doordarshan continually ranks in the top 5 when it comes to rural viewership. Hence, for products targeting a rural audience like fertilizers or tractors, traditional marketing is more appropriate. When it comes to traditional marketing vs. digital marketing, rural audiences can be targeted better with the traditional method. 

76% of urban adults in the U.S use social media. Instagram and Facebook dominate this arena. Digital marketing will yield better results for products that cater to an urban and international audience like laptops and sportswear. 

Audience interaction and feedback 

When it comes to audience interaction, digital marketing indeed owns the space. You cannot interact with audiences via TV or print ads. While in both influencer and email marketing, you can have audience interaction. Consumers watching an advertisement on social media can leave their questions in the comments section or interact through chat boxes on websites. 

Distribution of flyers can offer a slim opportunity for interaction in traditional marketing, but it is entirely absent in most other traditional marketing mediums. Hence, in the debate on traditional marketing vs. digital marketing, digital marketing has the upper hand.

Customization options 

You can tweak your marketing videos, but revision is difficult if you have printed a wrong number or percentage on the flyer or newspaper ad. It is almost impossible and quite expensive to update TV and radio ads once they have aired. 

Thus, in traditional marketing vs. digital marketing, digital marketing is more flexible with its customization options. 

Marketing Results 

One key difference between the two marketing strategies is the ability to track an ad campaign’s success or failure. With the help of appropriate tools, a digital marketing campaign can show you the online traffic on your website and the ads which brought in the maximum visits. 

In the debate of traditional marketing vs. digital marketing, most experts consider this the most important aspect that gives digital marketing an edge over its older counterpart. It allows you to get quick and real-time marketing results that allow you to tweak your campaign. 

You may find the results through occasional surveys and research in traditional marketing, but this can be conducted only months after your campaign has been launched. This makes it challenging to make timely changes, and since it costs so much, you will lose a lot of money on ineffective campaigns. 


In traditional marketing, you get a hard copy of your products’ description. Digital mediums provide paper-free documentation that can be accessed anywhere in the form of soft copies through files and videos. The consumer can access the ad when s/he requires the information. 


The ads running on TV or radio have a longer impact due to repeated airing. The consumer is continuously reminded of your products and services. Thus, it lasts longer in the person’s memory.

A digital ad has less impact on the person’s memory because an ad may randomly pop into her/his feed, and s/he can skip it or forget about it soon. Companies constantly need to find creative ways of leaving a deeper impact on their consumer base. 

Therefore, when it comes to leaving a lasting impression on consumers, traditional marketing is a better option. 


Cost decides everything when you run a business. Traditional marketing through TV and radio reaches a smaller audience than social media, and this disadvantage comes at a higher cost. According to DAVP, Star Plus charges Rs. 1,950 for 10 seconds between 7 am, and 9 am. It charges a whopping Rs. 21,019 for ads between 7 to 8 pm. 

According to WebFx, Facebook charges $7.19 per 1000 impressions, while YouTube charges $9.68 per 1000 impressions. This is more suited for small businesses since their marketing budgets might be limited. If you spend so much on TV ads, you will need instant results because if your campaign fails, you will have to spend more money and create a new set of ads. 

Hence, in traditional marketing vs. digital marketing, digital marketing proves to be cheaper.

Analysis of effects on customers 

Digital marketing allows you to track customer searches and show ads of products related to these searches. It enables you to analyze your audience better and provides them a medium to give your feedback. This leads to better data collection and analysis to curate better marketing campaigns and strategies in the future. 

In traditional marketing, analysis is done through surveys and research, which takes a lot of time and effort. Thus, in this debate on traditional marketing vs. digital marketing, digital marketing scores over its older counterpart due to its quicker analysis. 

Now that you have read all about these two types of marketing, you can easily decide which suits your business better. If your products are meant for an older local audience, investing in traditional marketing is a good option. But for a small business with an urban audience, digital marketing is best suited as it costs less and will reach your audience online where they will be spending most of their time. 

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The Present and Future of Digital Marketing Services in India

Indian economy is growing at a good pace. The country has seen a boom in several industries in the past decade. The food industry, retail industry, healthcare industry, education and training industry are among some such industries that are seeing a noticeable upward trend in the current times. Helping them all grow and flourish to a vast extent is the digital marketing industry. This gives a fair idea about how strong the digital marketing industry is and why digital marketing services in India are in high demand.

Digital Marketing Company in Pune, India – A Saviour for Small Businesses

Marketing plays a significant role in the growth and development of businesses across sectors. Unfortunately, not many businessmen could afford to market their products and services until a few years back as this was a costly affair back then. An advertisement in the newspaper costed a bomb and still does. A billboard is equally expensive and don’t even get us started about television commercials. With or without a celebrity, TV commercials can dig a hole in your pocket. Unlike TTDigitals, a top digital marketing company in Pune, India, those offering traditional marketing services charge immensely. This is the reason why many small scale businesses, budding professionals and start ups refrain from investing in them. Since, traditional marketing was the only means to promote one’s products and services until around a decade back many businesses that had the potential of growing and capturing wide spread market simply went unnoticed.

The advent of digital marketing has changed the scenario. Digital marketing companies in India are helping businesses gain popularity by offering affordable yet effective marketing services. This service has proved to be a boon for small scale businesses with budget constraints.

Digital Marketing Company in Pune, India – In Demand across Industries

Digital marketing services in India are highly in demand. This is because they have become an essential factor in the growth of businesses across industries. Every industry in today’s times requires having an online presence. Whether you manufacture and sell garments or have a catering business or work in the automobile industry – branding plays a significant role in creating a name in the market. Branding and advertising, as mentioned above, can burn your pocket. But not when you use the new age marketing gizmos. No matter which industry you are working for, TTDigitals, a top web development and digital marketing company in Pune can ensure you get the kind of recognition you deserve. Here is a closer look at how different industries are benefiting with this all new way of marketing:

Food Industry

Food industry runs on temptation. Different digital platforms such as social media pages, websites and online forums are used to tempt people to try different food and beverages. Attractive images of food items are captured and shared online. Digital marketing companies in Pune, India also come up with short, innovative videos showing how you can treat your taste buds and socialise at the same time by ordering food from the brand they are catering to or by visiting their restaurants. The ambience and environment of restaurants is also highlighted to lure people to visit.

Education Industry

Education industry has become the highest gainer ever since the advent of internet. Online coaching has helped several students fulfil their dreams. Digital marketing has promoted the concept further. Online institutes are seeing an upward surge in their business with the help of digital marketing. This new way of marketing is helping them spread awareness about the modern way of seeking education. Institutes that offer offline classes and courses are also coming to limelight by way of online marketing. TTDigitals, an online marketing company in Pune, India has delivered 500% growth to educational institutes / colleges in their admissions by connecting them with quality students / prospective parents.

Fashion Industry

People in India are highly fashion conscious. While earlier their search for fashionable clothing, footwear and accessories was limited to showrooms and markets, today everything can be bought online. This is a win-win situation for both consumers and brands. However, with almost every brand selling its fashion wear online, it becomes extremely essential to market the products efficiently to stay in the limelight. This is where you require assistance from TTDigitals, a top digital marketing and SEO company in Pune, India. These companies use innovative techniques to enhance the visibility of the brands they are catering to. Collaborating with fashion influencers is one of the newest ways to achieve this.

Real Estate Industry

Real estate businesses have also benefited by collaborating with TTDigitals, one of the top digital marketing agencies in Pune, India. People are becoming more aware about the various available options when it comes to purchasing, selling and renting property by way of different digital platforms. They are no longer dependent on property dealers and brokers when it comes to taking crucial property decisions. Information about the builders, availability of property in different areas, scope of investment in property – everything is available online. TTDigitals, A good online marketing and website designing company in Pune, India helps build credibility and trust in the company they are catering to. So, the buyers do not hesitate investing in them. In fact they look forward to it.

Tourism Industry

The tourism industry has benefited from digital marketing like no other. Companies are investing in promoting their tour packages and plans on social media and other digital platforms. They are benefitting a great deal from such promotions. Several travel blogs have surfaced. These blogs narrate the stories of travellers. Internet marketing companies in Pune India, collaborate with travel bloggers to promote their client’s business. Exclusive videos of road trips, solo travellers, group outings and other enjoyable travel experiences are uploaded to entice travel enthusiasts so that they opt for the travel packages being offered and plan their trips frequently.

Likewise, every industry is on the lookout for excellent digital marketing and SEO agency in Pune, India so as to help their brand outsmart their competitors.

The Future of Web Development Company in India

As already mentioned, web development and digital marketing agencies in Pune, India have changed the face of industries in the country. They have helped them grow far and wide. The future of online marketing companies in India seems brighter than ever. Seeking services from a top web design company in Pune, India is a great way to give a head start to your business. An interesting and engaging website is your gateway to achieving an excellent online image. Digital platforms have a wide reach. Companies such as TTDigitals (top Digital Marketing Company in Pune) can help establish an impeccable online image for your brand. Their online marketing campaigns have the capacity to grab the attention of prospects and customers alike.

The number of internet users is increasing by the day and so is the potential of digital marketing services in Pune, India. If you are planning to pursue a career in digital marketing you have immense scope ahead.

Several digital marketing companies have launched in the recent years. These are in search of qualified and experienced digital marketing professionals. Besides, there is immense scope for those who wish to start their own internet marketing company in India. There is no way that this industry is seeing a slowdown in the years to come. This is because it works for each and every sector. So, it will always be in demand.

TTDigitals – The Best Digital Marketing Agency in Pune, India

Opting for digital marketing service is a must in the current times. However, you cannot assign this crucial task to just any digital marketing agency in pune, India. With the increase in the demand of digital marketing services, the number of companies offering this service has also increased in our country. Now, it is quite a task to choose one among the many available options. The companies need to be assessed on several parameters before seeking service. TTDigitals is a top Digital Marketing Agency in Pune that fairs well on all the parameters and makes for an excellent choice.

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TT Digitals began offering digital marketing services in Pune around three years back. The company has taken the market by storm by offering high quality services. It offers a complete package that helps in building and maintaining an impressive online image. After gaining the stature of a top web development and digital marketing company in Pune, it started offering its services in several other parts of the country too. Be it Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Varanasi, Madurai, Lucknow, Surat or Jaipur – TTDigitals has clients everywhere. It has become a known name in the field of digital marketing by offering high quality services at the most affordable price.

The top web design company in Pune has different packages to serve different kinds of businesses.

Top Digital Marketing Company in Pune

The first step towards entering the digital world is creating an attractive website. Get yours created byTT Digitals, the top website design company in Pune. The company has designed and developed websites for numerous clients belonging to different industries and has helped them expand their business. It has a team of learned and experienced professionals who are well versed with web designing and development tools. The company does not only design and develop websites but also maintains them for you. Their team constantly uploads latest content on your website to ensure it remains at par with the newest industry standards. It also helps acquaint the readers about the launch of any new product or service. Besides, the team improvises the technology from time to time to ensure a good browsing experience.

Top SEO Company in Pune

SEO plays a significant role when it comes to promoting businesses on the digital platforms. SEO personnel help your website achieve high ranking in the search engine results thereby increasing the traffic on the site. TT Digitals houses a team of SEO experts who come with years of experience in the field. These professionals are well-versed with the SEO tools. They are also great at devising effective SEO strategies that help your website attain top position in the search engine ranking. It has thus emerged as a popular SEO Company in Pune.

Best Online Marketing Company in Pune

Online marketing doesn’t just involve creating and maintaining a website. It includes promoting content on various digital platforms. Social media platforms have become a great means to connect with the existing customers as well as prospects. TTDigitals uses popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to spread awareness about their clients’ products and services. It has a dedicated team of social media marketing professionals who further this task

Top Branding and Creative Service at the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Pune

Mere technical knowledge about the digital domain is not sufficient to build attractive online brand persona. Creative thinking ability plays a vital role in the same. The team at TTDigitals possesses high creative thinking power. Their ability to come up with out of the box ideas has significantly helped their clients outshine their peers and flourish in the industry.

High Quality Web Hosting Service at Top Internet Marketing Company in Pune

The company also offers high quality web hosting service that enables smooth browsing experience. They have different packages to choose from. So, you can pick the one that suits your business requirement as well as budget. The pricing is reasonable and the quality of service is high. You don’t have to worry about downtime or slow browsing issues when you opt for web hosting from this company.

Team Spirit is the Mantra of the Top Web Development Company in Pune

TTDigitals boasts of a highly knowledgeable and skilled team that is not just well served with the digital domain but is also known for great inter-personal skills. Working with them is a great delight. The entire team comes together to work on the assigned projects. They provide valuable inputs to each other in order to create an impressive online image for brands. Working in association with each other is one of the main reasons for their success. They are equally good when it comes to communicating and coordination with their clients. They understand the requirement well enough before beginning with the project. The client is informed before the execution of any important plan. Moreover, the team is open to client feedback and has no inhibitions in refurbishing the content and strategies as per the same.

All in one, the digital marketing is a thriving industry. It is helping the Indian economy flourish. Several businesses in India are going global because of this new age marketing