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“It’s not important to start in a big city with big investment to support your endeavors. But, it’s important to have a big vision and determination to keep going!”

TTDigitals, Digital Marketing Company in Latur & Pune – With this thought in mind, a 27 year old boy from Latur started his start-up journey. He didn’t know that within 4 years, he would be able to list his startup in top innovative companies of India. Let’s learn more about the story of TTDigitals- an emerging digital marketing company in Latur & Pune.

Digital Marketing Company in Latur & Pune

Mr. Hrishikesh Deshmukh, the man behind the brand, laid the foundation of Digitalseed (now TTDigitals) and embarked on his entrepreneur journey in 2016 after working as a digital marketing consultant for a few prestigious companies. He has done his engineering from MIT Pune and he pursued PGDM from LN Welingkar Institute of Management. Soon after his studies, he joined many companies as a young aspiring employee looking to explore and expand his horizon.

During his initial years, he exercised different roles in different companies. He served as Team Leader-Digital Marketing in Commonfloor, Manager of Digital Marketing in Placeoforigin and then he became the Head of Digital Marketing Department of Wheelstreet. It was his experience in Wheelstreet that influenced him to set up his firm.

TTdigitals was incepted to deliver cost effective
digital marketing services

During his stint with Wheelstreet, Mr. Hrishikesh Deshmukh observed a gap between the digital marketing companies and the clientele. At that time, the digital marketing agency that was hired by Wheelstreet to execute SEO activities was not that effective. It was charging a whopping sum for the services. However, it wasn’t yielding the anticipated returns.

Furthermore, the company offered minimal transparency into the SEO activities that it was implementing and it didn’t even show any concern regarding the business it was providing. This instance influenced him to launch his own company wherein he could offer value to the clientele. This is how Digitalseed – Leading Digital Marketing Company in Latur and Pune (now TTDigitals) was born!

Hrishikesh aimed at offering cost-effective digital marketing and web development solutions to clients along with offering them complete transparency in terms of the spending in different activities and ROI generated. The company was also incepted to support small-and-medium businesses that have a limited budget for digital marketing. Hence, TTDigitals is built on the virtues of trust and transparency.

Operations began from Latur, a tier-2 city of Maharashtra

Journey of digital marketing company in Latur and Pune

Mr. Hrishikesh Deshmukh envisioned launching his venture. However, it wasn’t a piece of cake for him. He belonged to a middle-class family based in Latur and he also had his family’s responsibility on his shoulder. Furthermore, he had limited funds for his new venture. Hence, he decided to start his business from his native town, Latur with limited capital. He did not take any external funding support and incepted TTDigitals (Formerly Digitalseed – Leading Digital Marketing Company in Latur & Pune) in 2016 by operating via its office built at Latur.

According to Mr. Hrishikesh Deskmukh, it was a great move to start from Latur. Soon after the inauguration, he found like-minded and talented people in Latur who just like him, stayed in the town owing to familial responsibilities and personal problems. TTDigitals gave such talented individuals an umbrella to shine from their home town and handle a position that matches with their qualifications. It is the zeal and meticulous efforts of the whole team at TTDigitals that made it a brand.

Today, TTDigitals has its office both in Latur and Pune. It is even regarded among the best digital marketing companies in Pune. TTDigitals has set an example for everyone. It has shown that even a company from tier-2 city like Latur can grow and stand among the best companies in the country.

Journey from 1st client to 200+ clientele

In the initial days of TTDigitals, the founder, Mr. Hrishikesh Deshmukh used to travel frequently to Pune in order to acquire clients. The company got its first client from Bangalore. The founder’s last employer i.e., Wheelstreet was the first client of the company. Soon, the company got another major project. This time, the company got the opportunity to serve MIT Group, a pioneer educational body of Maharashtra. Since then, TTDigitals never looked back.

The company that started with only the founding member in 2016, is now a team of 15+ members. The team members include digital marketers, writers, web developers and graphic designers. Since its launch in 2016, the company has served 200+ clients of all sizes and handled marketing budget of up to 15 crores. The company is also doing well in the domain of website design and development. Till date, it has created 100+ websites.

Over the years, the company has served diverse clientele. It has helped different companies to expand their business by four to five folds. TTDigitals aims at fostering a healthy relationship with all its clients. That is why it is now an integral part of its clientele’s team.

TTDigital saw Covid-19
phase as an opportunity to expand

When the whole country was in a lockdown state and businesses were suffering, TTDigitals perceived an opportunity amidst crisis. Considering the plight of students and learners, the company decided to create a Learning Management System to keep the learning process in continuation. This led to the inception of TTDigitals Academy!

TTDigitals Academy is an e-learning platform wherein video sessions can be organized and study materials can be uploaded so that the students can study from the comfort of their residence. The platform also has the ablity to conduct online exams thereby completely digitizing the learning process. Furthermore, the company has future plans to enter the digital learning space. Let’s wait and watch what future has in store for TTDigitals!

Announcement –

TTDigitals is not only one of the leading digital marketing companies but also has started one of the unique practice-based online digital marketing courses at an affordable fee of Rs. 25000. The course provides online training on the latest digital marketing concepts and also offers 100% internships to the students so that they can get hands-on experience on digital marketing tools. Finally, there is dedicated placement support for the students who successfully complete the program.

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