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Artificial Intelligence - AI In Digital Marketing, Best Technology With 100% Effectiveness

Artificial Intelligence - AI In Digital Marketing, Best Technology With 100% Effectiveness

Author : By Hrishikesh 2021-06-23 20:56:38
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AI is an abbreviation used for Artificial Intelligence. It acts as a catalyst while performing various marketing tasks, bettering customer experiences, and increasing leads. The widespread reach of AI in digital marketing proves how important it is for every brand to use it in their marketing strategy. 

Why do you need to use AI in digital marketing?

As businesses continue to expand their professional horizon with each new customer, the amount of customer data they garner will most probably be highly vast. In a way, AI technologies and tools can turn vast amounts of data into useful information to make real-time decisions. In addition, to the ability to store and understand big data, it also offers numerous advantages.

A few years ago, marketers were initially reluctant to incorporate Artificial intelligence or AI in digital marketing; however, many have gained confidence in the use of AI because the uncertainty of the results has been reduced to a large extent. Many intelligent AI-powered tools are constantly evolving. They even get close to the point where they seem to outperform humans in certain areas.

AI transforms customer-centric services for digital marketers by improving efficiency and optimizing user experience. A typical example of AI on the web is the use of chatbots for customer service.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Digital Marketing

Real-time monitoring: The cost of getting new customers is usually significantly higher than the cost of retaining existing customers. Through the implementation of deep learning technology, the company can regularly monitor its target audience's digital activities and exchanges. AI software can help you compare the characteristics and behavior of your company's previous customers with your current customer base.

2. Scheduling.

AI identifies your most-watched/liked content, plans and schedules future content, reuses your previous content, and optimizes content distribution across all social media channels.

3. Cost-effective.

Automated AI makes customer service more personalized and efficient, thereby saving marketing time and costs. 

4. User-friendly Chatbots.

Adding an Artificial Intelligence chat function to your business website will help you gain more customers. Your customers will appreciate the 24/7 customer service and quick responses from your side. Additionally, it saves your lot of time from answering the same questions again and again.

5. Search engine optimization.

The search engine optimization algorithms are ever-changing. You can use AI to optimize content for voice search, improve misspellings and suggest alternatives.

6. Understanding customer behavior.

Suppose you can predict a particular customer's actions and buying patterns. In that case, you can send them highly targeted marketing communication and nurture them through a unique buying funnel designed to optimize sales. AI does this for you!

7. Processing Big Data.

Humans are prone to making errors. There are many reasons for this, like scarcity of skills and technology, not using a data analyst, etc. Several businesses are understandably swamped at the sheer volume of their customer data. While processing vast data, you can use AI to reduce errors and save time.

8. Smart advertising.

By using AI in your advertising strategy, you can use all available data (such as customer reviews, what they are looking for, latest demands, etc.) to become more competent and gain more potential customers through compelling ads, thereby creating more opportunities to generate leads.

Tools to use:

  1. Zoomph: Nowadays, the amount of clout social media influencers have has no competition. Zoomph is an AI tool that monitors sponsorship, audience behavior, and return on investment on various social media platforms. This tool also tracks the latest trends to help your brand attract attention on social media and build brand awareness.
  2. Yext: Digital knowledge management company Yext is an AI tool that processes large amounts of data (such as customer reviews on Facebook, Google, Yelp, etc.), understands what they are saying, why they are saying, and then determines the priority of actions to be taken. This is a fantastic way to manage your online reputation by tracking, analyzing, and responding to customer reviews.
  3. rasa.io: This AI tool ensures that every customer of yours is sent an automated and personalized newsletter. Using AI, the system will focus on the content you interact with the most and then adjust the story to be included in the following email.
  4. Pattern89: Social media ad payment should always be on fleek. This AI tool can be referred to as your social media assistant. It makes artistic recommendations to assist you in cutting back prices and simultaneously increase revenue.
  1. Persado: The best way to interact with your customers is to build an authentic relationship with them. This marketing language tool uses AI and machine learning to create a more suitable language for any audience, market segment, or individual, using feedback analysis from previous activities to create emotional profiles for each customer group. From there, you can use the unique voice of your brand to personalize content for your audience based on their dynamic profiles.
  1. Phrasee: this is another AI-based language tool that social media marketers should know about. This tool optimizes email topics for brands to drive more opens, clicks and eventually increase conversions. By applying this experience to your Facebook and Instagram, your ads will be rewarded. You can get more engagement and conversion in no time.
  1. Market Brew: Market Brew is one of the best AI tools for the SEO team. It can help SEO understand the ever-changing search engine algorithms. In most cases, search engine changes will take effect within 60 days, but the new Market Brew forecasting service allows you to update and change rankings within just 1.5 hours.

In the coming days, the impact of AI technology on digital marketing will continue to increase. If you still ignore to implement this superbly efficient tactic then, you will fall behind. It can change the way brands and companies conduct business. In addition, it can be an effective way to bridge the gap between products and their users. Modern innovation strategies can help you increase efficiency and make it as relevant as possible for your target audience.


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