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About TTDigitals: Digital Marketing Training Institute In Hadapsar, Pune

TTDigitals is the top digital marketing institute in Pune that conducts classes on-campus for aspirants in Pune and online for all the people across India. The offline program occurs at our Hadapsar office in Magarpatta, Loni Kalbhor, Fursungi, Kharadi, Mundhwa, Saswad, Manjri, Wagholi & More.

We are known for the style of teaching and practice-focused teaching methodology across India and have students from all across the country. Our main aim is to deliver quality education and train individuals ready to conquer the digital world and grow their businesses.

We conduct a lot of free sessions, workshops, webinars, and other programs for the benefit of our students. We offer two courses that cover all the topics related to digital marketing. Known for our expertise and training, we attract hundreds of students every year and successfully deliver potential and skilled candidates.

Career scope after Digital Marketing Courses in Pune

With 1 Lac+ searches on a daily basis, Digital Marketing Courses has become trend setting search keyword in India. The reason being, the online marketing has been core specialization for the students willing to go for Marketing Management as their career option. This has also resulted in an exponential growth in the volume of searches for the keyword "Digital marketing courses in Pune".

If you ask people which is the best way to promote your products and services to expand your business, the most frequently repeated answer you will encounter is by internet marketing. And why not? Today, technology has rapidly grown, and you can make the best use of it to expand your company. Apart from business owners, the ever-growing technology has developed new career opportunities in online marketing for the young graduates and students. This has resulted into the various digital marketing courses and training institutes not only across India but across the globe

But, mastering the art of digital marketing is not as simple as it sounds. To see maximum results, you need to be practically familiar with all the tools, techniques, strategies, and concepts which require guidance, support, and expertise.

Hence, your basics should be powerful, and the practice focused digital marketing courses can help you do so. But the main challenge here is to find the right digital marketing course that will help you upskill your practical knowledge with the best tools and techniques.

If you are looking forward to learn more about the best digital marketing institutes or enrolling yourself in one, then we have got you! At TTDigitals, we provide the best digital marketing courses at the most affordable prices. So without further ado, let us get more information about the best digital marketing training institute in Pune and how it can help your company or your career bloom.

Increase Social Media Followings Execute Digital Marketing with Proper Checklists Focus on User Experience

What is a Digital Marketing Course?

To understand the answer to this question, you first need to know what digital marketing is. Digital marketing is a broad concept that includes various marketing tricks, techniques, strategies, tools, and platforms that will assist you in gaining an audience and expanding your company. In simple words, it is an online promotion of your products and services to attract customers.

A digital marketing course thus becomes a program or class, held either online or offline, that helps you master these techniques and strategies, helping you grow your business effectively. It also helps young aspirants develop skill sets, helping them become better professionals in this field. Hence, choosing the right digital marketing course and institute for yourself is important.

Journey of digital marketing company in Latur & Pune

How to choose a Digital Marketing Institute?

Before choosing a digital marketing institute in Pune and enrolling for a course, you need to research the institution and all the details of the programs it offers. Here are a few factors that you should consider looking into before finalizing a digital marketing institute in Pune:

The number of years an institute serves its clients has a lot to say about its expertise, team, and accuracy. Well-experienced faculty members will guide you efficiently, provide the best tips and techniques, and share all the knowledge they have gained over the past years, while startups will fail to do so.

Since your main aim to enroll yourself in a digital marketing course in Pune is to grow your existing business or a startup, you cannot afford to invest all your money in it. Hence, finding a budget-friendly program is important.

Another factor that you should look out for is the feedback and reviews received by the institute. Doing this will help you understand if the courses offered have helped people in the past to grow their businesses or become successful in their careers.

Before enrolling yourself in a course, ensure to check the contents it has to offer. By the end of the program, you must have all the knowledge and information related to the field. Compare the cost to the contents and take your step only if it is worth it.

TTDigitals is a digital marketing institute in Pune showing a positive result for all the factors listed above. Continue reading further to learn more about the courses and why you should choose us.

Digital Marketing Course Content

Best Digital Marketing Courses in Pune

At TTDigitals, we ensure to provide the best end-to-end online digital marketing courses for our aspirants, and we involve maximum tools, techniques, tips, and strategies in one program. Through our top-notch digital marketing training in Pune, we provide maximal knowledge to our students, including:

1. Search Engine Optimization
2. Search Engine Marketing
3. Email Marketing
4. Social Media Marketing
5. Pay Per Click Advertising
Best Digital Marketing Courses in Pune

The online course is a new venture started by TTDigitals as we believe in education beyond theoretical knowledge. The online program has a series of video recordings, tests, case studies, live projects, and digital marketing tools, all combined to make the course enjoyable and interesting.

All the topics covered in the course help to inculcate interest and brush the skills of our students, making them better professionals. Here are a few of the subjects that we ensure to cover in detail during the course:

1. Fundamentals of Marketing, Google Ranking Algorithm, Keywords Research, Branding, Google Adwords and Analytics, and Domain and Hosting.
2. On-page and Off-page Optimization, Content Management, and Market Analytics.
3. Social Media Management, Idea Generation, and Content Marketing.
4. Growth Hacking and Affiliate Marketing.

Online Marketing Course Specifications

Our online marketing institute in Pune offers two courses in Digital Marketing, both of which are listed below:


Rs. 10,000
1.5 Months

  • 15 Modules
  • 30 Sub-Modules
  • 5+ International Certificates
  • 10+ Digital Tools
  • NA
  • NA
  • NA
  • Online Mode
Enroll Now

Rs .25,000
4 Months

  • 20 Modules
  • 50 Sub-Modules
  • 10+ International Certificates
  • 20+ Digital Tools
  • Guest Sessions by Industry Experts
  • Four Month Internship and Live Projects
  • Dedicated Placement Report
  • Offline Mode/ On-Campus
Enroll Now

Why choose our digital marketing institute?

There are several motives why TTDigitals has become one of the top digital marketing institutes in Pune, and here are a few reasons why you should enroll in our courses:

  1. We have experience of 30+ years in digital marketing, have completed over 200+ projects, and handled over 30 Cr+ marketing budgets.
  2. The study material is easy to understand and well-composed. We also provide online video recording, so you need not worry about missing any concepts.
  3. The program covers 10 International Digital Marketing Certifications and exposes students to 20+ Online Marketing Tools.
  4. We also offer one-to-one guidance on resume preparation and mock interviews, helping students successfully find jobs or expand their existing businesses.
  5. The fees for the courses are affordable and reasonable, and students can opt for online or offline classes at their convenience.
  6. We have a constant and dedicated placement report for our aspirants and provide a four-month internship to help them develop practical skills.
  7. We have a constant and dedicated placement report for our aspirants and provide a four-month internship to help them develop practical
  8. The students can learn and interact with highly experienced industry experts to get clarity on the same.
  9. Our institute conducts free webinars, workshops, seminars, and other programs that are beneficial for students.
  10. We offer deadline-based learning that helps to develop the value of time management in our students.

Benefits of Learning Digital Marketing Course

Are you wondering about career opportunities after doing a digital marketing course? Or are you still confused about how digital marketing courses can help you grow? Let us help you out!

Firstly, if you own a business and want to attract potential customers to grow it, digital marketing courses can help you with the same. As mentioned above, these courses have topics that cover all the tricks and techniques that will create traffic and increase your reach.

Online platforms, with the help of digital marketing techniques, can fetch an audience to your business in the following ways:

  1. Promoting Product or Brand Online
  2. Marketing or Selling Digital Goods / Services
  3. Increasing brand visibility
  4. Engage with prospective customers via social media
  5. The fees for the courses are affordable and reasonable, and students can opt for online or offline classes at their convenience.
  6. Get short term revenue generation via paid advertising
  7. Long term visibility and Sustainability via Organic Boost
  8. Create a Brand Reach across Globe without restrictions from a location-based approach

If you do not own a business, you can still do a digital marketing course and build a career out of it. A lot of companies hire well-experienced individuals having practical knowledge of the field. This course will prepare you for the same and ensure that you're capable enough to expand a firm organically.

Here are some job opportunities after completing your digital marketing course:

  1. Online Marketing Executive
  2. SEM Specialist, SEO Executive, PPC Specialist
  3. Social Media Marketing Expert - Facebook Marketing Executive
  4. Ads Management Specialist

Career Opportunities and Scope after Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Courses in Pune

The most prominent answer to this question is yes, it is worth doing a digital marketing course in Pune. And to prove our answer, we have a few pieces of evidence noted below.

Studies also predict that by 2023, the Indian internet users will touch 666 million, which means that more than half of the country's population has access to the digital world. Also, the search volume for the keyword "digital marketing courses" grew by 50% approximately in one year, suggesting that people are keen to know more about this field.

Despite many traditional markets shutting down, online businesses functioned efficiently by reaching out to users, which was possible due to digital marketing. And witnessing the increasing number of internet users, the number of digital businesses and companies will rise rapidly, and e-commerce will be the future.

Hence, investing in a digital marketing course in Pune is worth it and will fetch you high returns in the upcoming years.

Free Course or Paid Course - Which one should
you opt for?

You will come across many digital marketing courses in Pune, some of which are paid for, while the others will be free. So which programs should you opt for? What are the benefits of each? Let us discuss.

Paid courses at TTDigitals can provide you with these benefits:

  • Faster Absorption
  • Faculty Interaction
  • Advanced Curriculum
  • International Certifications
  • Study Materials
  • Exposure to Experienced Faculty

These courses have a well-defined structure, timeline, assignments that help students complete work on time and grasp concepts quickly. They are a road map to success and help you interact and discuss the topic with experts in the field.

On the other hand, free classes have online training, usually have recorded videos and written notes. These can be advantageous as your timing is flexible, and you can learn independently at your convenience. They do not have any deadlines to complete projects, and hence you can learn at your own pace.

Opting for a paid class at TTDigitals has more benefits compared to other free courses, as all the factors listed above help you mold yourself into a digital marketing expert. Hence all the programs are worth each penny you invest!

If you're looking forward to expanding your business or making a career out of digital marketing, you've come on the right page! We, at TTDigitals, promise to provide you with the best digital marketing courses in Pune that will help you grow and become a skilled professional in the field. Our students have performed brilliantly and work in highly deserving positions.

So without wasting any time, get yourself enrolled in our courses to learn from the best!

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer various courses such as Online Marketing, Graphic Design, and Website Design and Development Courses. TTDigital’s Digital Marketing Course in Pune has various other sub-courses: Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Creative Designing, WordPress Development, and More.

TTDigitals is a privately-held digital marketing institute in Pune. We offer Advanced Certificate and Professional Certificate Programs in Online Marketing and related courses. The certificate will have the institute’s logo, the signature of our Director, Stamp, and the candidate’s Rating.

Total admission fees for the advanced online digital marketing course in India is Rs. 40000.
Registration Fee – Rs. 10000
First Installment before the classes starts – Rs. 10000
Second Installment within 15 days of the class commencement – Rs. 10000
Third & Final Installment within 30 days of the class commencement – Rs. 10000
Total – Rs.40000

TTDigitals is a leading online marketing class based in Pune.

The course is specially designed for fresh graduates who have completed or yet to complete their graduation. So that once they graduate with this certificate in hand can help them shape their career in digital marketing.

You will get an advanced online marker certificate and a two-month internship, which can make your profile complete for internet marketing jobs.

The program does not have any eligibility criteria as such. If you have a zeal to pursue your career in the field of online marketing, join our advanced digital marketing course in Pune now.

All 12th, Plus 2, Graduates, Post Graduates & Working Professionals are Eligible for the course.page.

TTDigitals has a simple admission procedure that you need to follow. You will have to register by paying Rs 5000 as registration fees for the course along with specific details such as name, email, and contact number.

Once you complete your registration for the course admission, you will receive a confirmation email from us with your batch time and the batch start date.

If you want to change your batch timing or date, you can request the same, but the institute will shift it only based on the availability of slots.

TTDigitals is one of the top online marketing institutes in Pune that offers comprehensive online digital marketing courses in Pune with the internet form of study material. You will get all the study materials in online formats from our faculty during the training sessions.

TTDigitals is one of the best online marketing classes in Pune and across India. We have some of the best faculties with more than 15 years of experience in digital media marketing.

We also have collaborated with some industry experts to give guest sessions on the latest digital marketing tools and techniques used widely in the Industries.

We have guest faculties from companies such as HDFC Bank, Sriram Group, CommonFloor, MIT Pune, and Even from Startup Companies.

TTDigitals is the best digital marketing institute in Pune, India. The course covers 10+ international certification programs from various multinational companies. The international certifications are listed below –
  1. Facebook
  2. Google Ads
  3. Google Video Advertising
  4. Google Display Advertising
  5. Google Shopping Advertising
  6. Google Mobile Advertising
  7. Google Search Advertising
  8. Google Analytics
  9. Microsoft Bing
  10. HubSpot Inbound Marketing

TTDigitals is the top digital marketing class in Pune, India. The course covers 20+ digital marketing tools and techniques.

Many multinational companies use these tools in their day-to-day operations, and that’s why they need industry-ready students who can effectively use these tools. Below are some of the internet marketing tools covered in the program –
  1. Canva
  2. AHrefs
  3. Moz
  4. Uber Suggest
  5. HootSuite
  6. Facebook Ads Manager
  7. Facebook Business Manager
  8. Facebook Page Insights
  9. Twitter Native Platform
  10. Google Ads Manager
  11. Google Analytics
  12. YouTube Creator Studio
  13. Landingi
  14. Google My Business
  15. Active Campaign
  16. Google Site Kit
  17. Google Search Console
  18. Yoast
  19. GTMetrics
  20. Page Speed
  21. Google Keyword Planner
  22. MailChimp
  23. Screaming Frog
  24. SEO Powersuite
  25. Ubersuggest
  26. Mangools
  27. Google Trends
  28. Google Tag Manager

TTDigital’s Advanced Certificate Course in Digital Marketing is the top online marketing course in Pune and India.

The website marketing course covers 14+ digital marketing modules, 10+ international certifications, 20+ digital marketing tools widely used and accepted in the online marketing industries. We have given the syllabus here along with the tools, certification details in the following FAQs.

Introduction to Digital Marketing
Why Digital Marketing?
Traditional vs. Digital; Offline vs. Online
The mindset behind Digital Marketing?
Buyer Persona
Tools of Digital Marketing
Expectations on when to Advertise Online
Creation of Website using WordPress
What is Domain, Hosting & Cpanel Introduction to CMS (Content Management System) and WordPress
Installing WordPress and Launching a Website
Customization and Blog Setup
Introducing Elementor
Planning & Conceptualising a Website
Adding webpages & content
Adding Plugins
Deciding on the number of pages required
Planning for engagement options
Content Creation – Text, Creatives & Videos
Hub & Spoke Model Generating Ideas for Articles & Infographics
Graphic Designing using Canva
Curating Content (Ecommerce Website)
Generating Unique Content from the Ideas
E-Commerce Stores
Introduction to eCommerce Platforms Setting up the Payments
Getting Traffic to the Product Pages
Crafting Offers
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Basics of Search Engine Marketing & Introduction
to Google Ads What are Search Engine’s Algorithms?
How Algorithms Works?
Why does a Search Engine need to update its Algorithm?
Search Engine Penalties and Recoveries.
Google Ads Creation
Google Display Network(GDN) & Landing Pages
Retargeting & YouTube Ads
Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Introduction to Social Media, Facebook Marketing, Content creation for social media Facebook Marketing and Advertising
Tools for SM Scheduling, Listening & Analytics
LinkedIn Marketing
Instagram Marketing
YT Marketing
Twitter Platform
Email Marketing
Introduction to Email Marketing & Email Service Providers (ESPs)
Creation of Lists & Flows
Advanced Lists & Segmentation
Google Analytics
Web Analytics
Understanding and Using Google
Analytics Data
Collecting actionable data with Google Analytics
Navigating Google Analytics Reports
Google Tag Manager
Conversion Rate Optimization
Landing Page Optimization
Increasing Trustworthiness
A/B Testing & Tracking
Affiliate Marketing
Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
Getting Approvals from Networks
Getting Traffic to the Offers
Reputation Management
Online Reputation Management
Handling an Online Crisis
Negative SEO & Burying in Google

TTDigitals is one of the leading digital marketing institutes in Pune, India. We have strict quality parameters to judge the internet markers we nurture.

The program has multiple assessments/exams and even live projects to evaluate student performance.

Finally, suppose the student clears all the assessments. In that case, he/she will receive an award of an advanced online marketing certificate, an internship certificate, and an institute director recommendation letter for getting the desired job in digital marketing.

However, to clarify – once you pay the registration fee, i.e., Rs 5000. Your admission gets confirmed, you have to pay another 5000, i.e., a total amount worth Rs 10000 before the class gets started.

Once you complete the first installment of Rs 10000, you will be able to attend the classes for 15 days, and then you have to go for the next installment, which is Rs. 10000, and you can pay the final installment within 30 days of your admission confirmation.

Suppose you want to cancel the admissions within seven days from the date of your class commencement; you can cancel it by submitting a cancellation email to info@ttdigitals.com.

Once we cancel your registration, you will receive the entire amount you have paid except for Registration charges, i.e., we would deduct Rs 5000 as cancellation fees. In case you cancel the admission after attending 8+ sessions, then you may not get any refund.

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