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Who else can be better instructors than industry experts who possess working experience of the field? So, join our digital marketing courses in Pune & now across India via online platform and receive industry-specific knowledge that will broaden your horizon.

Pursue our best in class digital marketing course in Pune, website design course in Pune and graphics design course in Pune to enhance your acumen and employability.

After serving the clients for 3 years and garnering the growth of their business to 200-500%, we decided to share our knowledge, tips, techniques and growth tricks with aspiring digital marketers, graphic designers and website designers. We endeavor to enlighten the youth with relevant knowledge and allow them to make their mark in the industry.

Yes, you heard it right!

It’s a golden opportunity to learn from those who are aware of the ins and outs of the industry.  Now, we offer courses in digital marketing, website design and graphics design wherein the candidates can learn from the experts. Our courses are perfect for the aspirants who wish to acquire deep knowledge and gain valuable insights relevant to the industry, or for the professionals who yearn to upskill and pave way for their career progression.

‘Learn by doing’ in order to gain a better understanding of the field

Here’s a fact: practical subjects cannot be taught through theories. That is why we lay impetus on learning by doing. We train our students through practical exposure. So, seize this opportunity to be a part of a distinctive learning program where you’ll learn through live projects, experiences of experts and case studies.

Digital Marketing Courses in Pune

Significance of Our Graphic Design, Website Design & Digital Marketing Courses in Pune

In this digitally-connected world, online presence is pre-eminent for any company that yearns to deal in the global market. A company can establish its online presence through its website and its pages/accounts in diverse social media platforms. The factors that facilitate effectual launch of a business and its expansion include well-designed and professional-looking website; creative and visually-appealing graphics; and impeccable digital marketing. That is why companies look for professionals who can offer these services. In such a scenario, there is a good scope for website designers, digital marketers and graphics designers. However, with opportunities comes cut-throat competition. The only way to shine amidst competition is through extraordinary skills and extensive knowledge. The aspirants just don’t need to pursue a course, but they need to learn effective applications of the concepts and principles of these fields. This is where TTDigitals courses steps in.

Our all-inclusive course equips the candidates with knowledge, right skillset and competitive edge. We train students on right set of tools that are used in market such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Analytics, Adobe Tools & Others. We have been working in the industry for several years. So, we are aware of the taste, preference and perspective of clients. We are also accustomed to the trends in the industry. And, we are happy to share it with zealous individuals through our course. Our courses familiarize you with the industry and its various aspects. With our courses, you can develop a deep understanding of the field which you can’t get through books or theories. So, it is a wise choice to pursue our industry-specific courses.

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Our Digital Marketing Courses in Pune, India

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Digital Marketing Courses in Pune

Having a website and social presence is half the job done. These facilitate companies to establish digitally but for the growth of their business, marketing is significant. It is the digital reach of a business that facilitates it in reaching out to larger masses. This is where digital marketing is utilitarian. It is digital marketing that empowers business to disseminate their message to a wider base. With a larger reach, businesses have better chances of conversion, which in turn, augments profits.

Gone are those days when businesses relied on conventional forms of marketing. In this digital era, businesses exploit digital marketing to reach global customers. It is an affordable form of marketing and its results can be tracked. Hence, companies of all sizes are embracing digital techniques to expand their businesses. These companies are constantly in a lookout for digital marketers as well as growth experts and they are ready to pay them well. In such a scenario, there is a bright scope for skilled professionals. However, the field is equally laden with competition. The only way to edge the competition is by exhibiting extraordinary skills and impeccable knowledge. This is where our course can prove a boon for you.

At TTDigitals, we offer an end-to-end digital marketing course that trains the candidates of all the fundamentals, concepts, techniques and principles of digital marketing. Through our digital marketing course in Hadapsar, we familiarize the candidates with different components of digital marketing including SEO, SEM, SMO, PPC, E-mail marketing and many more. We equip the candidates with the right set of skills, knowledge and business acumen so that they can immediately get absorbed in the industry.

Top Digital Marketing Institute in Pune

The realm of digital marketing is growing by leaps and bounds. Today, companies focus on digital marketing to reach out to target audiences/ potential customers and enhance their business. These companies have affinity to digital marketers and growth specialists. If you wish to make your mark in the industry, then you should get trained by industry leaders and growth experts of TTDigitals. We are listed as the top digital marketing institute in Pune, renowned to make candidates job-ready.

Our digital marketing course is much beyond the theories and rather we emphasize on ‘implementation’. The course on digital marketing is an eclectic amalgamation of digital marketing tools, live projects, case studies and our unique learning pedagogy. We focus on ‘learning by doing’ whereby we make our candidates exercise their knowledge and acumen on live websites. In this way, the candidates can track their progress and learn from their experiences. We encourage our candidates to apply classroom learning in tackling real-life challenges.

Our course modules cover topics such as Google Adwords & analytics, google ranking algorithm, fundamentals of marketing, domain & hosting, keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization, branding and communications, market analytics, social media management, content management, idea generation, content marketing, growth hacking, affiliate marketing and many more. We also provide hands-on exposure to various marketing tools. Post our course, digital marketing professionals can exercise different job-roles such as search engine marketer, social media manager, content marketer, content manager, inbound marketing manager, copywriter, email marketing manager, Google Analytics expert, growth experts, conversion rate manager, search engine optimizer, digital marketing manager.

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Website Design Courses in Pune

Today, businesses have the opportunity to sell their products/services globally. All they need is a company’s website to reach out to the masses. A website thus acts as a digital point-of-contact of the company. Here, potential customers can find information about the company and its offerings. Furthermore, a website is the virtual representation of a company. It is a website that creates the first impression for a company in the mind of the visitors. Hence, the website of a company should be well-designed. It should be attractive, informative and easy-to-navigate. Furthermore, it should reflect the quintessence of the company.

A well-design website ensures maximum engagement, which is a positive sign for business. In order to create and design a robust website, companies seek for proficient website designers. Clearly, the scope for web developers is quite impressive considering the digital needs of a business. If you wish to capitalize on the market, then you need to have in-depth knowledge of the field and working experience of web design tools.

If you are looking for a course that develops your skills, provide hands-on exposure and hones your creative mindset, then you can join our best in class website design course in Pune. In the course, you’ll learn website design right from its fundamentals to the most advanced concepts. You’ll gain knowledge of different concepts, principles, techniques and aspects of website designing. We’ll also impart working knowledge of various designing tools and software so that you can learn effectively. We equip you with the right skill set that is required to shine in the industry. Hence, our course makes you job-ready. The candidates would learn to create intuitive, robust, attractive and engaging websites by learning with us.

Pioneer Website Development Course in Pune

You may several institutes that offer website development course in Pune but what separates us from others is our course content, its relevance and our distinctive training methodology. The syllabus is updated from time to time to incorporate market trends. We emphasize on training our users to create an appealing, engaging, user-friendly and mobile-friendly website.

Our courses are perfect for both, the novice who wish to enter the field and the professionals who want to upskill themselves. Our all-inclusive website development course covers modules on design elements and principles, wireframing, prototyping, UX design, UI design, HTML5, Javascript, bootstrapping, Content Management System (CMS), responsive web designing, graphics, information design, user-friendliness, navigation design and many more.

We train the candidates to create websites that have a better conversion rate. In addition to theoretical knowledge and practical exposure, we share our experiences with the candidates which allow them to understand the flow of the industry in a better way.

So, join our course and learn website design and development from the experts. After the completion of course, you can become a web analyst, web application developer, front-end and back-end developer, design and layout analyst, UX/UI consultant and web marketing analyst.

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Graphics Design Courses in Pune

Graphics are an amalgamation of art and technology that are used to spread an idea/message through visuals. Undoubtedly, graphics are equally important as content to convey one’s idea, information and thoughts to the users in a captivating manner. A website, application, game or any marketing material look dull and less-attractive without graphics. Thus, graphics hold significance in the marketing of a business as they effectively convey ideas through visuals concepts. That is why companies give importance to graphics designing in websites, applications, advertisement, brochures, flyers, magazines and even in corporate reports. Hence, there is a good scope for creative graphics designers who know how to create an impact with well thought out designs. If you wish to capitalize the realm of graphics designing, then you need to sharpen your design skills and hone your creativity while getting abreast to industrial trends. This is where our course serves as a boon for graphics designing aspirants.

At TTDigitals, we offer a comprehensive graphics designing course that trains the candidates of the core concepts of graphic designing. Our course develops the conceptual skills of the candidates and imparts technical designing skills so that candidates turn out as ace graphics designers. The course is a rich mix of theoretical concepts and practical exposure. We familiarize the candidates with the background of the field, basics of designing and fundamentals of computer graphics. We emphasize on ‘learning by doing’ wherein candidates will learn by working in various graphics designing tools. We’ll also facilitate the students to work with conventional print media and modern digital graphics so that they can learn effectively through live exposure.

Best Graphics Design Institute in Pune

TTDigitals is regarded as the best graphics design institute in Pune as students get a chance to learn from industry leaders and growth experts. There are innumerable institutes in and around Pune that offer graphics designing. However, what makes us the best is our industry-relevant course content and unique learning methodology. We train our students through live projects so that they can understand the real implementation of concepts. Furthermore, we also tend to familiarize the candidates with the flow and trends of the industry. Since we are working in the industry for several years, so we share our experience with the candidates, which is an add-on to the theoretical and practical content of the course.

Our course covers modules on fundamentals of designing, page layout design, visualization of idea, illustration, color theory, branding & advertising, photography, still life, desktop publishing, composition, image editing, interface design, packaging-product and typography. We also train the students to use design tools and create graphics. Thus, our course makes the candidates job-ready and enhances their employability.

After the completion of course, candidates can explore different roles such as graphics artist, web/interactive designer, typographers, 2D animators, texture artist, UI designer, illustrator, storyboard designer, layout designer and packaging designer.

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