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Types Of Content Marketing

Types Of Content Marketing

Author : By Hrishikesh 2022-03-19 12:59:50

Content marketing can make your business stand out from an overcrowded marketplace; providing clear, engaging, and value-driven content is essential. It is more about creation and sharing while passively promoting a brand. When a consumer is stimulated with your content, your goal is almost fulfilled regardless of the platform it is delivered on.

Read on to understand the distinct types of content marketing!

Creative Content

Creative content is a comprehensive type of content. It consists of almost all categories: video content, written content including e-books, guides, infographics, etc. In simple terms, content is translated into creative and understandable forms. Such type of content aims to engage and convince the end-user to purchase your service/product.

The best content format for a business depends upon its objectives and goals. It is also essential for a brand to maintain consistency and adhere to the brand guidelines while producing creative content to safeguard the brand identity.


Every business needs to have blogs on its website. This intention is guaranteed to create more opportunities to show up on search engines and drive traffic to your website. Blogging increases your brand visibility through creative content and compelling images put together. Blogs can be used as an in-depth communication medium and can also be utilised to share your products and services.  

Website Content

While blogging is a flexible way to connect to the end-user, website content offers more valuable content and is straightforward in tone. It shares what you do and what you’re offering. Visitors on websites are most likely looking for information, products, etc. Website content is used to navigate them to the right place. It also creates opportunities to use internal links, making the website SEO friendly.


Email marketing can be more effective than any other online platform. It holds its place on top of the chart with the highest number of customer acquisitions and customer retention. Email marketing may grasp an exceptional platform; it is effective, inexpensive, and far more convenient. It allows your messages such as updates, special offers, product information, etc. to reach your user personally.

Email marketing works on the consent of the user. The business gets the privilege of engagement, as the subscribed user is already a prospect or potential customer.

Press Release

A press release targets a particular audience concerning the subject. It conveys particular information in news outlets. Just like blogging, press releases increase online visibility and brand awareness. The intention is more conceptual, fact-based, and does not serve advertisement. They are published on social media in the form of alerts to gain reporters’ attention. They also play a role in promoting identity over social media platforms.
Concluding Thoughts

Content marketing can have virtually endless possibilities for promoting a business. It is an absolute privilege for a business to obtain revenue through cost-effective strategies. TTDigitals is the leading content marketing company in Pune, India.

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