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Google Digital Unlocked, The Best Training Platform For 100% Success In Digital Business

Google Digital Unlocked, The Best Training Platform For 100% Success In Digital Business

Author : By Hrishikesh 2022-02-23 17:28:46
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Google Digital Unlocked - Best Training Platform for 100% Success in Digital Business

Google Digital Unlocked is an initiative by Google and the Indian School of Business, alongside FICCI. Google Digital Unlocked is a training platform where you can learn all about digitizing your business. Established specifically for the predicted surge in small companies and start-ups across India, this will be of great help to those who cannot afford a costly education or establish the right network to start an online business. The merits of an online business are immense as compared to a physical company. The difference has been made abundantly clear by online retailers' massive success in recent years. 

And Google wants to level the playing field! 

Google plays an integral role in the content offered to the world. Being the primary search engine for most parts of the world, Google works hard to provide everyone a fair shot at success. With its ever-changing algorithm, even the most brilliant are unable to predict what happens next.

Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai, announced this initiative for Indian small and medium businesses when he came to India in 2017. 

Google Digital Unlocked Course

The course will be available online, offline, and mobile modes.

The Digital Unlocked training is designed for small and medium scale businesses. Some expressed their inhibitions and discomfort with an online course. So, with the help of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Indian School Business, Digital Unlocked will be made available offline. Technology can help a business in a multitude of things if used strategically.

New and old companies have boosted their business through established online business practices on the internet. Not using these to your advantage means setting yourself at an unfair and unnecessary disadvantage in an online world. Thus, training platforms and courses like Digital Unlocked are convenient for navigating through a new business's ups and downs. It can also help an existing company that isn't online yet. 

Where to start?

Go to http://www.digitalunlocked.ficci.in/index.aspx and register for the program. It costs a mere Rs 1500/- to register, after which you can access all the training courses at your convenience. Google aims to create a global platform, where all the information and knowledge of the world is easily and readily available in one place. As they strive to move into this direction through their various international initiatives, you can support them.   

You can set your own goals! 

Whatever skills you wish to develop, you can feed in as goals. Based on your choices, the training program will show you the recommended courses. These courses are curated to help you achieve your goals. You can also choose to do another course which wasn't recommended. For this, you can wait to finish your current course or start two at a time. It is your choice. 

Many courses are available, teaching you almost everything you need for a reliable, profit-making online business presence. Let us look at the options offered in the courseware. Each course is divided into modules that you should complete to finish the course. We have shortlisted a few courses that will help you expand your business online: 

1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing: 40 hours, 26 Modules. 

This course is designed to give you an in-depth introduction to the world of Digital Marketing. With 26 modules and scheduled to be 40 hours long, this beginner course is your one-stop solution to learning the fundamentals of digital marketing. It is free of cost and essential for building an online brand. 

2. Get your Business Online: 3 Hours, 7 Modules. 

Learn how to build your presence online. Get noticed locally and use promotional techniques to expand your business. Easy to complete and free of cost, this course is ideal for learning how the online world works. 

3. Make Sure That Customers Find You Online: 4 Modules, 3 Hours.

Search engine results are the first things your potential customer sees when they begin searching for something. Learn how these engines work and how you can make them increase your online traffic. The course also covers online advertising to increase customer base. 

4. Promote a business with online advertising: 3 Hours, 5 Modules. 

Advertisers online use different tools that can help you elevate your presence, promote your business digitally, and reach the right kind of customers. The course is free of cost and easy to learn. 

5. Content, Advertising & Social IMC: 8 Hours, 4 Modules. 

The difficulty of this course marked intermediate level. So, you will have to know the basics of the digital marketing arena before going for it. But if you have gone through the basics, this course will take your content through the roof. The course is designed by the renowned Northwestern University and powered by Coursera. 

6. How to enhance and protect your online campaign?7 Hours, 12 Modules. 

When you put your business out there digitally, it is open to all kinds of cyber-attacks. Once you're equipped with the knowledge of how to be online, you also need to learn how to protect this content that you've now created. It is an easy-level course that introduces you to the concept of online cyber-security. 

7. Marketing in the digital world: 30 Hours, 4 Modules. 

Created by the University of Illinois, this course will give you the knowledge to market your ideas and products in the right way, at the right time, and to reach the right people. Powered by Coursera, this course is not that difficult to complete and will give you priceless insights into digital marketing. 

After attaining the knowledge and skills available in this comprehensive training platform, you'll be equipped with all the components required to make your business an online success. These are the methods used by corporate companies and MNCs worldwide. If you choose to finish all the courses and then complete a final assessment, you'll also get a Google certification. So, gear up and get ready. 

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TTDigitals is not only one of the best digital marketing companies in Pune, India but also has started one of the unique practice-based online digital marketing courses at an affordable fee of Rs. 25000. The course provides online training on the latest digital marketing concepts and also offers 100% internships to the students so that they can get hands-on experience on digital marketing tools. The course also gives information on Google Digital Unlocked and Google Digital Garage to the students so that they can avail the benefits of these programs.

The course has a mix of in-house faculty and guest faculty from various industries. The course is offered in online mode and even if you are looking for a classroom program then you can visit our Hadapsar office for joining an on-campus digital marketing course. Finally, there are dedicated placement support for the students who successfully complete the program.

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