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The Best Free Digital Tools And Software To Have On Your Digital Marketing Stack: TTDigital’s Pick Of The Week

The Best Free Digital Tools And Software To Have On Your Digital Marketing Stack: TTDigital’s Pick Of The Week

Author : By Hrishikesh 2021-10-19 17:44:22
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If you’re a digital marketing agency, a company handling your marketing, or even a graduate looking for a career in digital marketing, knowing what tools and software to have on your marketing stack can be detrimental to your digital marketing efforts. 

A marketing stack is a combination of all the tools and software used to execute a marketing campaign and support all your marketing strategies. If you’re currently handling digital marketing for a large company with the resources, you might see a predetermined stack. Such companies usually spend a lot of resources on procuring marketing tools. 

However, if you’re nowhere around such companies, there’s no need to worry. There is an abundance of free marketing tools that digital marketing companies in Pune swear by. Experts across many platforms enjoy using these free tools as well because, in all honesty, they’re pretty effective and reliable. 

The Best Free Digital Tools and Software To Have on your Digital Marketing Stack 

This article explores some of the best email, social media, and SEO marketing tools for free. If you’re a beginner especially, getting acquainted with these tools can be very helpful for you in the long run, according to the best digital marketing company in India. 

Buffer for Social Media Scheduling 

Social media marketing requires consistency and schedule way ahead of time for all social contracts. Buffer is one of the best time-saving tools which handles social media scheduling. The free plan on Buffer allows you to connect one profile from each network/social media platform and schedule ahead up to 10 posts per platform! 

With Buffer, you can also keep tabs on how your posts fare on social media and review all social media updates with ease. 

Canva for Design

Canva has become a very famous platform that is not limited to digital marketing alone. Canva creates images for social media, graphics for blog posts, and manages visual elements used for marketing. Canva has optimized sizes with built-in templates, making it super efficient to create pictures for any social media platform. 

Pablo is another excellent alternative that can be used by marketers explicitly for Twitter-specific images. Canva, however, has templates for Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more! 

Google Analytics for Analysis of Marketing Effort

Google Analytics is a gem for most digital marketers, as it does pretty much all the analyzing for you in terms of tracking website traffic. It holds a mammoth amount of data, of which most is given for free. You can also use google analytics to see traffic from different social media networks. 

You can figure out the engaged reading time of users on average, individual reading time, who’s on your site right now, and much more! With Google Analytics, you can launch precise campaigns and improve your SEO efforts as well. 

MailChimp for Email Marketing: 

Amongst all marketing strategies, email marketing is considered to show the highest ROI. MailChimp is a free tool that allows you to capture a customer’s email address, grants media storage, engages mail owners with autoresponders, enables drip champions, analyses CTR’s, clicks, opens, and offers premium design email templates! 

MailChimp also grants integration with apps like Google Analytics and other social media platforms, giving you much higher control of your email marketing. 

Open Site Explorer for SEO: 

Open Site Explorer is a beautiful tool for keeping track of your domain and page authority. It also checks your links, the volume you’re getting, and from what source they’re coming. The software is an excellent tool for ensuring you only have the highest quality outbound links on your website. 

You can also use these tools to determine your authority score and compare your site with your competition. The free version grants you up to 3 reports on competition per day.  

HubSpot Marketing for Lead Generation: 

HubSpot Marketing allows digital marketers to generate email leads from websites with a free pop-up tool. You can gain a lot of helpful insight into your potential customers from this software. The pop-up tool helps you gather email ids from your website and provides you with crucial data points. 

Apart from this, if you want to check which pages are converting at the highest rates and which aren’t converting leads, the tool helps you establish this.

WordPress for Landing Pages: 

For small to medium companies running their website or even blog on word press, the fastest and most effective means of setting up a landing page would be to use WordPress. It is an excellent tool for creating an entire website, a blog page, or just a landing page. 

Curtain plugins can help you optimize the use of WordPress, like hiding the content on your sidebar for particular pages, optimizing the look of your page, and so on. 

Why Learn to Use Free Tools? 

If you want to work in the best Social Media Marketing Company in India, you’ll need the right skills and knowledge. In that case, it is essential to know how to have a solid marketing stack that enables you to manage all your efforts thoroughly and precisely. Using free tools can give you enough flexibility to learn on the job and automate specific processes to make your task easier. If you’re looking to learn and develop your skill sets in Marketing tools, TTDigital’s is the place for you. The online digital marketing program empowers aspirants with hands-on learning about numerous tools and software, including many of the tools mentioned on the list and many outside. If you want to take up a course to learn how to use these tools to obtain maximum results, enroll in one of the digital marketing courses today. 

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