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Take Your Digital Marketing To A New Dimension With The Latest Digital Trends Of 2021!

Take Your Digital Marketing To A New Dimension With The Latest Digital Trends Of 2021!

Author : By Hrishikesh 2021-10-19 17:45:13
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Digital Trends

2020 going into 2021 has been the craziest year for both businesses and individuals. In the last year, the pandemic has made digital transformation an absolute reality for firms globally, accelerating the acceptance and integration of technology in all aspects of the operation. 

Apart from businesses, individuals and consumers have seen this drastic shift from conventional forms of consumption to new, digitally supported formats. With this much change in the entire market sphere, it is essential to know that your previous digital marketing strategies and trends may no longer make the cut. 

Consumer behavior has erratically changed, and companies need to rise to the challenge: the new era of digital marketing. The best digital Marketing Agencies in Pune must embrace the latest trends in digital marketing to aggressively sift out the competition and put brands on the top! 

The future of Online Marketing looks bright for those who can understand the newly defined essence. With a platform that is unstoppable and content that is evergreen, digital marketing today has opened up a box of opportunities. 

Today’s article discusses all the newest trends prevalent today, which can revolutionize your digital marketing strategy and give you 10x growth in no time! 

The Latest, Most Effective Digital Marketing trends in 2021

The top Digital marketing companies in India are beginning to incorporate some of the latest trends into their services. Some of the most effective ones yet are: 

In-email Purchases: 

We have all had our fair share of doubts about how effective email marketing is. Cold emailing to numerous leads haven’t always sounded appealing to most of us. However, with this new trend, companies can use emails to gain substantial traffic and sales! Instead of adding links to your site, blog, or product page, you can now offer subscribers in-email purchasing! They will seamlessly be able to make purchases on the same email that promotes your business without leaving their email browser. On top of this, some firms also offer an app-like interface with elements like embedded videos to maximize user engagement. This trend is the ultimate example of the two birds, one stone analogy! 

Progressive Web Applications or PWAs

The concept of PWA is relatively new in digital marketing but has brought massive leads and outstanding results to numerous large companies. Companies like Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, and more seem to have observed 4x higher conversion rates every year they used PWAs. 

Now, this option is becoming a feasible solution for small businesses as well. With the large influx of consumers to mobile and internet-based consumption and the massive change in consumer behavior, PWAs are increasing significantly in demand! Companies already use mobile-friendly, responsible sites, which is the bare minimum today for every company but is no longer enough to make a difference.

PWAs also offer users much more convenience of use than standard applications. One can directly launch a brand’s website into a web app, where a customer doesn’t have to skim through the play store to find you. Consumers can perform a simple google search, and the app directs them to your Official website. 

Voice Search Optimization

According to a study by review42, around 55% of teenagers use Voice Search for most queries, and individuals carried out nearly one billion voice searches in 2018 alone! These figures show that an entire generation of individuals is rigorously adopting voice searches to make queries. The increase in smart speakers is only pushing these numbers higher, with even people of older ages becoming comfortable using voice search devices like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home. 

With these stats, google is now claiming it has a 95% accuracy rate with voice searches, making individuals all the more comfortable. Creating a website optimized for voice search can give companies a massive edge over the competition. This is why optimizing voice searches is one of the most trending marketing efforts that the top online marketing companies are looking into. 

Automated Chatbots

Chatbots are buzzing all over the global digital marketing industry in 2021, with the use of AI exciting all parties involved! Chatbots are AI-based customer service assistants that are designed to communicate with consumers via text or auditory means. Since businesses are finding it harder to provide customers with 24/7 scalable support; the use of chatbots that learn through interactions is the best solution anyone’s heard of this year! 

Companies are also using chatbots to engage with customers and answer simple questions that require no interaction with a live agent. Chatbots allow companies to provide genuinely 24/7, responsible, and instant customer service that drastically improves customer satisfaction. 

Automated Smart Bidding for Ads 

Automation is the future of all operations across all businesses, and digital marketing, being at the forefront of the technological revolution, makes the most use of it. When running ad campaigns, marketers and companies spend a lot of time and resources as they have needed to manually optimize keywords, content, and even bids for ads. However, complex algorithms take away all the manual work with AI-based bidding and help marketers target super-specific audiences. 

The automation is highly efficient and works at increasing conversions as well, and allows for real-time bidding. Even though this concept is not very new, the improved version by Google has made this trend essential for effective digital marketing in 2021. TTDigitals, the finest digital marketing company, uses various trends to always stay in the loop. Our dedicated marketers and research team strives to research and stay updated on all new trends and their consequences, integrating these into our exemplary services! The best digital marketing agencies in India, like TTDigitals, make extensive and exhaustive use of these trends to ensure premium marketing that supports the changes in consumer behavior.

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