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Digital Marketing Strategies: Planning, Effective Execution, And Result Measurements

Digital Marketing Strategies: Planning, Effective Execution, And Result Measurements

Author : By Hrishikesh 2022-02-23 18:59:09
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Digital Marketing Strategies: Planning, Effective Execution, and Result Measurements -

The ever-changing world of digital marketing can be daunting for most people. This is probably an important reason why 45% of companies worldwide don't have a digital marketing strategy. According to a report, 60% of smartphone users have contacted a business at least once using the search results. This proves the importance of an online presence. But, most companies still have an incomplete digital marketing strategy that lacks both effective planning and execution. 

There are 3 fundamental steps to a successful digital marketing strategy: plan, effective execution & result measurements. These steps, when followed systematically, guarantee a good marketing campaign. 

Digital Marketing Strategies: Planning, Effective Execution, and Result Measurements

Steps to a successful digital marketing strategy: 

Steps to Planning Successful Digital Marketing Strategies

  • Planning 

Planning means researching, analyzing, and setting goals based on the data collected. While planning for the future, you should analyze the past. So, you have to first track the success or failure of your last digital marketing strategy. You have to review each aspect and sieve out the strategies that have generated leads previously to plan an excellent digital marketing strategy.

  • Analyzing past trends

Analyzing the past doesn't mean pondering over your mistakes. You need to assess which digital channels you used in the past and the number of generated leads from each channel. You need to find out the digital media that suited your product best, the methods that worked, and also those that didn't. This will save you a lot of money.

  • Analyze customer behavior

For effective planning of your digital marketing strategy, you need to correctly analyze your buyer's behavior. The following methods are recommended for this purpose:

  • Surveys, analytics, and interviews.
  • Tracking trends in your prospect and contact database to analyze age group.
  • Finding out the source of your traffic.
  • Staying updated on the trending searches related to your products.
  • Talking to customer service reps.

While conducting interviews, you will get to know their incomes and job titles as well. After you have analyzed your buyer's persona, you need to build ideal customers for your product.

  • Stay updated on traffic generated by present digital channels and resources.

Digital marketing trends are always changing. The digital channels that you own, like your website or blog or YouTube channel, need to be updated regularly to inculcate the popular trends and increase traffic. 

  • Ensure quick and smooth navigation

According to a report, the first 5 minutes of page-load time create the most significant impact on website conversion rates. The rates drop by an average of 4.42%, with each additional second of loading time. This means that if your site takes more than 5 seconds to load, you are hampering your chances of increasing your leads. You have to review these aspects of your digital presence. 

For digital channels that you have earned through positive word-of-mouth and PR, you will have to review your services and provide a hassle-free experience to your customers. 

  • Plan according to your budget

For paid digital channels like Google Adwords or affiliate marketing, you need to review your investment returns. You will also have to carefully review your resources, budget, team, strengths, and weaknesses to set a realistic goal that can lead to the effective execution of the digital marketing strategy.

  • Set your goals

Setting realistic goals is the most crucial aspect of your planning. Based on the data that you have collected, you have to set your goal and note it down on a spreadsheet. The goal has to be a time-bound goal that may be a little hard to achieve but not impossible. Set specific key performance indicators by planning the figures you will be held accountable for achieving. 

How can you ensure effective execution?

For effective execution of digital marketing strategy, you can prepare a spreadsheet to note down tasks that have to be done every day. Share schedules with your team to ensure everyone knows the work they have been assigned and the deadlines.

  • Divide the work into small, achievable targets

You have to divide the work into achievable targets that you can tick off the list once you have achieved them. This makes you feel more efficient, and the work doesn't seem that overwhelming.

  • Identify suitable tools.

You have to identify tools that will help ensure the effective execution of your plans. You can use Google's benchmarking reports to compare your progress with your business rivals. Use tools such as SEMrush to analyze which keywords are driving the maximum amount of organic traffic to their site.

Surveys estimate that almost 25% of companies invest in mobile optimization as a top search engine optimization tactic, and around 64% of marketers invest time in search engine optimization. Review their design, content, and tactics to find out what you lack.

  • Stay motivated 

Hold yourself accountable to a higher authority so that you complete your tasks as well. You can schedule regular meetings with your boss to discuss the progress made on the strategies for effective execution. 

  • Review your work

You have to regularly review your spreadsheet to see if things have changed from when you first planned them. The digital marketing world keeps changing every day, and hence methods relevant today may not be suitable tomorrow. Keep reviewing your spreadsheet and updating methods that have become obsolete for effective execution.

  • Transparency is important 

Transparency ranks first in execution. You have to be completely transparent with the money you are spending and the results that you generate by preparing daily, weekly and monthly reports. 

How do you measure the results?

Out of all the steps required for a successful digital marketing strategy: plan, effective execution, and result measurements, result measurement gives you a clear and comprehensive idea of your success or failure:

1. It is essential to constantly track your marketing metrics to refine your strategy. Google Analytics can give you accurate information and help you with result measurements.

2.  Alongside overall website traffic, traffic by the source is an essential factor in result measurement. Keep track of the visits to your site through organic searches, referrals, or social media posts. 

3. Another critical factor for result measurement is how many new visitors come to your site. This means your site is relevant. 

4. Conversion rate is one of the most important metrics that help you understand whether you will get a good ROI or not. It tracks how many people made a purchase or became a subscriber. 

5. Social reach and engagement measure the success of your social media presence.

6. Cost-per-click is a crucial aspect of your result measurement as it decides how much money you have to pay to the advertising site; hence this metric is one you cannot ignore. 

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