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Service Marketing - 100% More Efficient With Digital Channels

Service Marketing - 100% More Efficient With Digital Channels

Author : By Hrishikesh 2022-02-25 15:44:38
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Service Marketing in Digital Ways - The service sector has become the fastest developing in many national economies and contributes to the overall GDP and employment in most developed countries. The world is shifting steadily towards a service economy, where you can get almost anything done with a few taps on your phone, and all sectors, including health, education, and art, are adopting the post-industrial mindset of offering value conveniently to consumers. The service sector is increasing exponentially due to technological advancements.

What is service marketing?

Service marketing is when one markets completely or partially intangible services, which are sold to the customer who needs the time, experience, skill, strength, and resources offered by the service provider. This can range from manual labour, personal services like laundry, grooming, etc., or professional knowledge-based services like accountancy or legal advice. 

Sometimes, service goes hand in hand with a tangible product offered by the seller - for instance, Dunzo and Swiggy both have home delivery services for groceries, food, and medicine, but the services are marketed in unique ways to set the brands apart.

The relevance of service marketing today

Service marketing is more important today than ever, considering how most services are undergoing mass digitisation, allowing consumers to outsource several operations to third-party service providers. With more startups focusing on offering innovative services, the market has become highly competitive. 

How service marketing works

Marketing in any context requires attention to detail to maximise customer satisfaction and the organisation's profits. There are six Ps you need to focus on within service marketing - the product, the price, promotions, the physical evidence for the intangible service, the people involved, and the whole process. A detailed analysis of this will give an idea of how to market the service.

Marketing can be done using the physical evidence of the intangible service by testimonials of the customers utilising the services. The idea is to make the service seem necessary and promise maximum quality. Creating pleasant associations in the potential pool of customers and ensuring that your brand has a significant online presence can increase your returns.

Service marketing and digital marketing 

With the sheer amount of advertisements that the average netizen sees online daily, it isn't easy to make your brand stand apart without efficient service marketing. Raising brand awareness and offering genuine value to the customer is key. The most efficient way to do it these days is through digital marketing.

Having a digital analytics team to keep track of customer behaviour, perception, and expectation can help you make intelligent choices for digital marketing. Knowing your customer can help you market your service better. This is why many companies have chosen to outsource their digital marketing to reputable firms like TTDigitals.

TTDigitals - Pros at service marketing

TTDigitals is one of the leading digital marketing company in pune that offers the complete package - with SEO, email marketing, and website development under their belt, they fully understand what it takes to create a successful service marketing campaign. Not only will they help you develop a digital strategy, so that customer centricity and holistic marketing are prioritised, but also help you come up with responsive and creative designs that are audited and tested before it comes to you. Optimise and analyse your service marketing today with TTDigitals!

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