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Is Link Building Still Relevant For Digital Marketing In 2021?

Is Link Building Still Relevant For Digital Marketing In 2021?

Author : By Hrishikesh 2021-10-19 17:43:38
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Digital Marketing in 2021

We understand that you might look at the title and wonder if link building is still essential in 2021. Well, In SEO, link building to date plays a crucial and evergreen role in promoting organic traffic to your website through search engines. 

When you integrate excellent link building strategies into a strong SEO foundation, flawless content and impeccable user experience, you can up your Digital Marketing Efforts by ten times of what it was! 

Today, with every other company working on its SEO and online marketing strategies, the need for quality and authenticity has only increased. Companies need to stand out of the ocean of competitors, and low-quality link-building techniques are only going to drag you down. 

Link building is still relevant and essential for great marketing, and companies who understand and integrate this are usually the ones who stand out in the long run. 

What is a Link, and What are The Types of Links Used in SEO? 

A link is a clickable element on a webpage, which leads a user from one page to a different website. Links commonly appear as text but can also occur as images and buttons. Links in Search Engine Optimization are classified based on the destination it leads the users to: 

Internal links: Internal links link one webpage to another webpage, with both web pages belonging to a single website. Search engine bots determine whether a link is internal or external by looking at the domain name. 

Inbound links link to your webpage from a page that belongs to another website or domain. That is, viewers appear on your webpage because of the link on a different site. 

Outbound links: Outbound links are links where a webpage on your website links or leads users to a webpage on a different website or domain. 

Why Links Are Integral for SEO

Now that you know the links, link building is essential to your SEO efforts. 

Builds Strong Relationships

Link building often involves reaching out to numerous website owners, community members, and bloggers working in your niche. When done frequently but gently, the outreach enables a stronger sense of trust and community within all parties involved. Outreach can give you excellent links, which improve your SEO and ranking by a considerable margin. Still, it also enables a healthy long-term relationship with key influencers in the industry. This on its own is so valuable for a company, and the more contacts you build, the more links you receive and the larger your reach becomes. Having a tremendous link-building strategy can enable a positive loop of outreach and returns, and you will notice significant improvements in your rank and organic traffic. 

Referral Traffic to Increase Leads

Yes, link building has a significant impact on your rank and authority, but we haven’t discussed the impact on your traffic! A great link from a highly reputed or visited site can increase your traffic tenfold. If it happens to be a website relevant to your niche, your traffic improves drastically, but so does your conversion rate and sales! 

The value of links runs beyond SEO as well and focuses on consumers. If you place your links across multiple avenues, genuinely interested people will know where to find you and how to reach you. Link building helps you improve customer loyalty as well, as customers can trust your website entirely. 

Build Your Brand

Good links can help you establish your brand identity to your consumers and get a stronghold on your authority. Link building techniques like content creation give people an idea of what you have to offer and if you have the expertise to see it through, which can go a long way in establishing your brand. 

With high-quality links, there’s a higher chance that your work is showcased and becomes prominent in your industry. 

Which Links Are Valuable To Your Company? 

Many factors help digital marketers distinguish between a great, valuable link and a link that would suck your efforts into a black hole. There are a few aspects, however, that you need to give weightage to. 

  1. Relevance

If your company is in the finance market, getting a link from a website dedicated to medicine or eCommerce won’t be as effective as getting a link from, say, a bank. Links from websites relevant and have a higher authority than your site can help search engines and users understand what your site is all about and improve your ranking. However, if you use a link with absolutely no relevance to your site, it might come off as spammy or pointless. 

  1. Authority: 

Links from websites with high authority and credibility can offer you much more benefits and value to your website. News channels, credible companies with recognition, NGOs in your field, and so on can provide you with links that drive organic traffic to your site. When you add a link without checking its authority or credibility, you’re opening your website for a world of trouble. Links from untrustworthy sites, which seem spammy, can seriously destroy your entire reputation in the eyes of your customers and search engines. So always ensure your links are coming from an authentic, credible source. 

  1. Diversity:

Search engines tend to rank pages higher if they explore a wide variety of links instead of a single type. Links to bloggers endorsing your business, reviews of consumers on various sites, blogs you’ve put up, blogs that mention you, and so on can help you form a natural and diverse link profile. It conveys trust, and websites without a genuine, organic link profile are often flagged by search engines. A great link-building strategy based on thorough research, market analysis, and the help of digital marketing experts can make a world of difference to your digital marketing efforts. If you assume that link building is no longer relevant or not as important as other aspects, you now know just how vital it can be!

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