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Instagram Ads - Grow Your Business 10X With The Best Instagram Advertising

Instagram Ads - Grow Your Business 10X With The Best Instagram Advertising

Author : By Hrishikesh 2022-02-25 15:51:48
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Instagram has become a popular kid amongst other platforms. With new features launching every day, Instagram enables business owners to reach new heights. Instagram ads, a feature launched in 2015, are a blessing for every business. It helps your business to attract an audience, increase engagement, and increase profit. 

What are Instagram Ads?

Instagram ads are posts or stories that a business pays to promote their business on the users’ Instagram feeds. They mostly look like regular Instagram posts but are labelled as “sponsored”. A call to action button is included to help direct the user to the primary website or Instagram page of the advertised business. Instagram’s potential advertising reach is 1.16 billion users. Instagram ads are a sure shot way to entice your target audience and educate them about your product.

Fundamentals of Instagram Ads

The effectiveness of Instagram Ads is quite prominent. However, for them to work according to the results you desire, certain factors have to be kept in mind:

  • Demographics

The first factor to consider is the presence of your target audience on Instagram. Your target demographic has to be using Instagram frequently to help you gain engagement.

  • Visuals

Creating a visual story that portrays your brand and blends on your users’ Instagram feed is significant. Visuals are the most eye-catching part of your ad.

  • Topics

It would be beneficial to research topics your target audience talks about on Instagram and choose the same to teach in your ad. This helps in keeping your audience hooked.

Why are Instagram Ads An Effective Marketing Choice?

Instagram ads benefit businesses in numerous ways. Here are some reasons why Instagram Ads should be your next marketing strategy

  • Growing Audience

Instagram Ads direct traffic to your business page and helps in audience growth. It appears in the middle of a users’ scrolling and allures them to check out your business. 

  • Integration with Facebook Ads

The data of Instagram and Facebook is connected. You can target your audience using Facebook’s superior advertising campaign, integrated into Instagram ads. You do not need to start from scratch.

  • Attention

There are millions of users on Instagram, and they spend an average of 50 minutes on the application. It is highly unlikely that they do not come across your ad and visit your page. Also, users nowadays are willing to purchase from Instagram and are on the lookout for enticing products and services.

  • Brand Awareness

The whole purpose of teaching Instagram ads in your marketing strategy is growth in brand recognition. Instagram ads give exceptional results in terms of making your brand worth remembering. Even if a user does not purchase, they will be aware of your brand and will return.

Who is TTDigitals?

The procedure of creating Instagram ads and marketing your brand is a tough nut. However, with the support of a marketing agency like TTDigitals, this task can be easier. TTDigitals is a digital marketing agency working to formulate strategies and provide the profit & reach your business deserves. TTDigitals appoints their best team of strategists to create an outstanding online presence of your brand.

How will TTDigitals Benefit your Business?

Investing in Instagram ads is easy, but acquiring results from the same requires proper planning, and TTDigitals helps you gain exactly that! With on-point graphics, research, and strategies, your business will flourish through Instagram ads. TTDigitals analyses your product and its compliance with your target audience and formulates out-of-the-box ideas.

All in all, Instagram ads will give an edge to your business; however, TTDigital’s Quality Score increasing strategy helps keep track of the results. It ensures that the ads put out by their clients are creating an impact on the audience. 

So If you are a Business and are looking for the best digital marketing company in Pune to avail Instagram advertising services then hire TTDigitals and we will do the rest for you!

If you are a digital marketing aspirant and want to do your career in digital marketing and get trained on the latest tools and techniques used in digital marketing then join our practice-oriented online digital marketing courses and explore Instagram advertising as one of the modules.

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