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Google Digital Marketing- A Guide To Ongoing Trends Ad Tools

Google Digital Marketing- A Guide To Ongoing Trends Ad Tools

Author : By Hrishikesh 2022-02-23 17:11:58
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Google Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has taken over the world drastically. With the augmented growth of technology, every brand has a fair chance of reaching its highest potential. Marketing is an integral factor that every corporation needs to consider while creating brand awareness. It will come as no surprise that analyzing a relevant digital marketing strategy is beneficial and necessary. So, how can you evaluate which strategy is optimal for your business? Well, here is where understanding ongoing google digital marketing trends comes handy. 

Using ongoing trends is a game-changer when it comes to creating a brand strategy. Taking full advantage of these trends can help you expand your business, increase sales, maintain a strong client base, and even create a formidable online presence. 

Given below are a few trends that can help you strategically navigate online ads, thereby converting your traffic into potential leads: 

Google Digital Marketing Trends

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most fabulous creations of technology. Experts predict that Artificial Intelligence (AI) may completely take over digital marketing by the end of 2020. AI plays an integral role in determining and studying search patterns and consumer behavior. It uses the data offered on social media platforms to benefit brands in the best possible ways. With such meticulous research, AI helps companies obtain a sustainable edge over the marketplace. 

In addition to this, it even lowers all extra costs while leaving a significant impact on your customers. Today, artificial intelligence is being integrated into several areas, including content creation, e-commerce transactions, email personalization, basic communication, and product recommendation. 

2. Conversational Marketing 

Conversational marketing chiefly promotes real-time and one-to-one engagement between customers and marketers. In a nutshell, this methodology is an excellent approach to keep your audience hooked on investing in your brand. About 82% of consumers want immediate responses. Thus, prioritizing the needs of your consumers is essential. 

This is a modern approach that makes marketing much easier. It has enabled several organizations to meet the expectations of their consumers. Essentially, the very goal of conversational marketing is to expand user experience through a sophisticated feedback-driven model.

3. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a common marketing strategy. Influencers can easily sway their followers. Influencer marketing entirely deals with word-of-mouth promotions that focus on influential leaders who can help you expand your brand message. Thus, you can reach out to a much broader crowd with this technique. 

  • According to experts, about 63% of online consumers decide their purchases based on the influencer’s opinions rather than the brand descriptions. 
  • About 58% of consumers purchased a new product in the last 6 months based on an influencer’s suggestion. 

4. Google Lens

Google Lens is an important search engine created by Google. This tool identifies different landmarks and objects taken on your phone’s camera. A few of the things you can do with the app include:

  • Detecting apparel and home goods, 
  • Utilizing barcodes, and
  • Searching for buildings and landmarks. 

CNet, a popular platform, is of the opinion that Google Lens may slowly turn into what Google Glass could never become, in terms of real-time augmented reality. 

5. Voice Search

Voice Search is constantly gaining popularity. Every brand with an online presence has recognized this trend and is starting to add this element to its digital marketing strategy. Here are a few statistics to help you understand better: 

  • About 72% of people who open a voice-activates speaker admit that they use the speaker in their daily routines. 
  • About 55% of American house owners will have a smart speaker by 2022. 
  • About 50% of all searches will be made through voice search by 2020. 

In short, voice search actively helps you offer immediate information to customer queries. This can attract more audiences to your website. Moreover, voice search also enables you to understand what exactly your consumers need. With such perks, you can gain the upper hand over your competitors. 

6. Browser Push Notifications

Push notifications are trending immensely today. About 85% of the online stores have started using push notifications since 2019. They are quite useful when it comes to catching your audience’s attention. The millennial audience, furthermore, favors these modern ways of communication. 

While browsing, push notifications primarily help engage with your audience; they also help your brand adapt to a more advanced digital marketing strategy. It can personalize your plan of enhancing conversions and extend your whole client base. 

7. Programmatic Advertising

This trend falls under AI. In brief, programmatic advertising is all about utilizing AI for automating ad buying. This trend thus helps brands reach a larger audience. For instance, real-time bidding involves programmatic ad buying. 

This methodology is comparatively profitable and quicker. To add on, it may even change the functioning of digital advertising in the long run. A report from eMarketer predicts that about 86.2% of digital ads will be programmatic by 2020 in the USA. 

8. Personalisation

One of the essential aspects of standing out in society is to adopt unique strategies. There’s no better way of doing this than personalizing your marketing strategies according to your consumer’s preference. Here are some personalization statistics that may pique your interest.

  • About 80% of people claim that they will collaborate with businesses that offer personalized experiences. 
  • About 63% of consumers say that they dislike generic advertising blasts. 
  • About 90% of consumers admit that they are allured by personalization. 

9. Video Marketing

Video marketing is, without a doubt, one of the most profitable digital marketing strategies. Moreover, it will remain as the most indispensable strategy for the next 5-10 years. Incorporating video techniques into your strategy can thus drastically improve leads. 

  • Over 70% of consumers suggest that they share brand videos. 
  • About 65% of consumers browse through the marketer’s websites, and about 39% of them call a vendor after browsing through videos. 
  • About 72% of corporations suggest that videos have played an imperative role in enhancing conversion rates. 

What makes video marketing quite an ideal choice for most companies is the option of quick, effortless reformatting. It helps you regularly update and create engaging content. The more attractive your content, the more impressed you will leave your audience. 

10. Social Messaging Apps

Well, social messaging apps are used widely across the world today. About 1.3 billion people use Facebook messenger monthly. These statistics clearly prove how efficiently social messaging apps can create brand awareness. About 63% of consumers will come back to your website if it features a live chat. Social messaging apps make it easier for consumers to engage with you. The more accommodated you make your consumers feel, the more loyal they’ll stay. 

Wrapping It Up

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