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Google Adwords - Words That Bring Traffic, The Traffic That You Like

Google Adwords - Words That Bring Traffic, The Traffic That You Like

Author : By Hrishikesh 2022-02-23 17:54:46
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Google Adwords - Words That Bring Traffic, The Traffic That You Like

Advertising, unlike earlier, has become much better and more efficient. The prevalence of the Internet has led to this situation. There was a time when advertisements were limited to televisions, but the Internet has taken the advertising world by a storm. 

We are all dependent on Google so much these days. Information from any part of the world is available at the tips of our fingers. Since Google is an established worldwide phenomenon, any advertisement on the search engine can help people make money. This is where Google Adwords becomes essential. 

Google Adwords - Words That Bring Traffic

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords has been in existence since 2004 and has been ever-growing since then. In simple words, Google Ads is an advertising service developed by Google to help marketers create online ads to reach people who might be interested in their product or service. 

Let's get to know more about it through an example. When you search for something like "Jewellery" on Google, it will instantly give you a list of your nearest jewelry shops. But if you look closer, the initial results provided by Google are generally ads. How does Google determine which ad must be displayed at the top of the page? 

How does Google Adwords work?

To understand how Google Adwords work, it is important first to know how Google works. When someone wants an answer to something these days, they generally search for the answer on Google. This is where companies' ads come into the picture. These companies want to increase visibility for their product so that the consumer is convinced into buying it. 

Organic Results

There is something called "Organic Results" in Google, which is placed at the top of the page for free, without the companies paying any money for it. These organic results have high-quality content and factual information, so google puts them at the top, knowing it will provide the required information. 

Paid Ads

"Paid Ads" come at the top of the Google search result, as well. As the name suggests, these ads are paid for by companies to ensure that their product gets the top result. This happens through Google Ads. 

Now, why would people use Google Ads when they can achieve the same for free through organic results? Because it is very difficult and takes a lot of time. The benefit of using Google Ads is that it accelerates your top position. This happens with the help of keywords. 

Bid for keywords

If you want Google to display your product first every time someone searches for the keyword "healthy," no worries. Google can make that happen, but you will need to fight the others who want the same thing for their product. 

If many companies want similar keywords to promote their product, Google conducts an auction. The higher the companies bid, the more they increase their chances of becoming the top search result. But the companies only pay when someone clicks on their ad and not before that. 

There's more.

This is the reason why Google Ads are so popular. But this doesn't end here. You can not only target specific keywords, but you can also target by geography, time zone, or even by the device. You can be completely analytical about it and work your way through it, the way you want for your business. 

Types Of Ads In Google Adwords

When a company is set up, they need to set a campaign goal and pick a campaign type to get clients. Every ad has different kinds of campaigns and different goals to reach. The campaign types determine where your potential customers will be able to see your ad, so it is an important step. Let's look at the various ads in detail. 

Search Ads 

Search Ads are the ads that get displayed on the search results. Whenever we look for something on Google, we get to see both the organic ads and the paid ads. The search results let the consumers know which is the sponsored ad. There is a small green-colored "AD" sign that appears on the sponsored ads.

Be specific: Search Ads make your website or business stand out from the rest. Since this works with keywords, the companies mustn't choose very generic keywords that may bring up varied search results. It is important to choose more specific keywords, so when the consumer looks for something specific, your company name and website pops up. This increases the traffic on your website as well. 

Display Advertising 

Do you ever feel like Google is stalking you, and they know exactly what you are searching for? Whenever you go to Google and search for something, it will keep popping up on your browsers and even on your social media accounts. Google isn't stalking you, and these are called display ads. 

You just don't know it: As a consumer, everyone sees Google display ads without realizing it. It is graphic advertising that takes place on Internet websites, apps, and even social media. This is one of the most commonly used campaign types because it is highly effective. These ads are infographic with videos, images, and audios flashing all over the computer screens. 

Youtube Video Ads

Now, most of us have already experienced Youtube advertising and are well-aware of its popularity. Youtube video ads, as the name suggests, pop up before or in the middle of any YouTube video that you watch. These ads are highly beneficial, especially when the ad is placed before (or during) a viral video. This is similar to the Google Adwords, wherein you bid to display the ad.

Posting an ad on YouTube, a platform that boasts 1.5 billion monthly viewers can truly help your brand's visibility and reach. 

Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads include detailed information regarding the product in question. The product image, price, and brand are included in these ads. They work by taking the product type from the product feed and then displaying them using the same Google keyword data. It is a powerful way to advertise your product and expose your brand to more consumers. 

For example, if you are selling a pair of shoes through a text ad and a shopping ad, there is a high possibility of the customer clicking on it. 

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