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Google Ads - 100% Efficient Digital Marketing Channel For Businesses

Google Ads - 100% Efficient Digital Marketing Channel For Businesses

Author : By Hrishikesh 2022-02-25 15:32:05
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Google happens to be one of the largest search engines, with around 3.5 billion search queries taking place each day. The platform has become so popular that the term “Google it” can provide an answer to almost any question. This popularity has led to the creation of Google Ads. Google Ads are one of the most coveted resources while marketing online. 

What are Google Ads?

Google allows businesses or individuals to promote their products or services for a nominal fee. These paid advertisements result in the promotion of said business or individual in relevant search results. Advertisers looking to promote their business will bid on a particular keyword. Therefore, every time a search query with that keyword occurs, Google will place the business or its services on the list of results that pop up.

Fundamentals of Google Ads

As mentioned above, Google Ads function based on various auction systems. The price and success of a Google Ad depend on the following two factors.

  • Bid Price

It refers to the actual process of paying for the keyword. Enterprises will go up against each other to bid on a keyword that relates to their business. 

  • Quality Score

An enterprise looking to promote itself on the platform will first determine its “Quality Score”. A quality score is said to be a rating given to each enterprise that enters the auction. The score that an advertiser receives depends on three requirements mainly. A high-quality score will be awarded to the advertisers that possess a high click-through rate, relevance to the ads put forward by the company and finally, the relevance to the landing page.

Therefore, a high-quality score can greatly influence the price of a google ad by decreasing the CPC (Cost per click). In addition to this, the algorithm will rank the ad based on these factors. 

How Can Businesses Achieve their Marketing Goals Through Google Ads?

The primary aim that every business should possess while marketing on Google is to increase their Quality Score. The higher the Quality Score, the more chance that that keyword will appear as number one on the search query. Therefore, businesses should create ads that will affect their click-through rate, ad group relevance and landing page relevance. 

Who is TTDigitals? 

Marketing one’s enterprise can be one of the most challenging aspects of running a business. There are various factors, both direct and indirect, that influence the efficacy of a marketing campaign. Therefore, the individuals at TTDigitals offer their services to notice these factors and use them to the enterprise’ advantage. TTDigitals makes it possible for their clients to have a successful online presence through their digital marketing, SEO and Website designing services. 

How will TTDigitals Services Benefit a Business? 

Anyone can invest in Google Ads. However, the ad campaign can only see success if one follows specific strategies. The marketing team at TTDigitals has been in this industry long enough to create an efficient marketing strategy. The strategies put forward by the team are tailored towards the company and will, therefore, be different for different clients. This will ensure that the digital marketing steps that the client takes with the content they create or the website development suits the client’s business. In addition to this, the services extend to determining the success of the Google Ad campaign with the help of detailed analysis. 

To summarise, digital marketing services aim to increase the client’s Quality Score. Efforts are put in to ensure that the ads put out by their clients are effective and relevant to the target customer base.

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