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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Author : By Hrishikesh 2022-02-24 18:37:34
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What Is Email Marketing?

Have you ever received any mail from a company other than confirmation and all. Honestly our inbox is full of mails from companies. Be it Flipkart or Lenskart, they all send email in order to grab the attention of users. This is called email marketing. Email marketing is nothing but a division of digital marketing. 

Email marketing can be in the form of newsletters informing potential customers about new updates, promotions, increasing subscribers etc. The emails sent for email marketing may also have wishes or general messages. For example a company might just want to wish you in Holi or share some message on natural disaster, etc. 

How Email Marketing Works?

 Email marketing can also be accessed by small businesses. For this you just need to add a sign up option for your customers or visitor to your website. Once a person signs up you can send a newsletter in order to grow your audience and promote your company. Email marketing has 2 advantages, one is is and the second one is price factor. It literally costs very less than any other form of promotion and there are many tools available these days for email marketing such as mailchimp, sendgrid, sendinblue etc. 

Email Marketing Still in Trend?

We often hear that nowadays, who has time to open mail and check promotions from a company? Is, that true?

Well, no if that would have been true we wouldn't have heard that email marketing provides a return of $42 for every $1 spent. You will be surprised to know that 99% of purchase decisions are influenced by emails. 

Email Marketing Strategies

Effective email marketing takes effort. Here are a few strategies for making the most of your email marketing campaigns.

Build Your Own List

The First and the most important step of email marketing is getting the email list of potential customers. You can do this through your website, store etc. 

Mix Up Your Messages

The major mistakes made by companies while marketing through email is sending only promotional mails to buy this or that. Never do that, you need to send your customers every kind of mail, from wish to sale to launch etc. Try mixing up your email. 

Respect Your Subscribers

Do not spam your subscribers inbox. Yes, you do not have to send them emails all the time. Try maintaining an appropriate gap between each mail. Also, respect your subscriber. Give them an option to unsubscribe if they want to. 

Optimize for Mobile

Nowadays everyone has their email account opened in their phones. Hence it is very important for you to make your emails mobile friendly. 

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