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Know About Digital Google Garage

Know About Digital Google Garage

Author : By Hrishikesh 2022-02-24 18:06:21
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What is Google Garage?

The digital google garage is a programme from Google that helps enthusiasts in the field of digital marketing sharpen their amateur skills by providing free courses and training.

The courses offered by google garage are tailored training plans and can be customized according to your interest. After completion of the course, one receives a certificate endorsed by IAB Europe and Google.

Digital Google Garage Course Content -

The content of the course is quite engaging. You won't just get notes which you have to read and appear for exams. There are graphics, videos, questions, quizzes, etc that will keep your learning experience quite exciting. Apart from that the content can be easily understood and spied in real-life situations.

The course is independent of the career path you have chosen so far. Yes, you might be an engineering or medical school student but that doesn't matter. The course can come in handy if you are starting a business and wanna expand its presence online or simply if you want to become a freelancer or are genuinely interested in social media. There is literally no limit to the knowledge this course can offer.

You might have taken numerous digital marketing courses and some of them no doubt may be helpful. But no matter your knowledge from other courses, the courses offered by digital Google garage will always provide something more to learn.

Did you always want a certificate that can be an add-on to your CV? Well, then what can be better than the certifications offered by google garage. The best part is that this will automatically add to your LinkedIn achievements.

You will be given a chance to personalize your learning experience. After signing in to your google garage account you will be given an option to choose which topics you are interested in learning. After choosing the topic, google garage adds them to your plan depending on your interests and needs.

About TTDigitals:

TTDigitals is a renowned name in the world of digital marketing. With the adoption of recent technologies and full-proof digital marketing strategies, they have proven to be the best digital marketing company in Pune, Maharashtra. At TTdigitals, we believe in high-quality service and perfectly designed solutions have led us to the completion of 100+ projects with numerous satisfied customers.

Why choose our course:

In order to clear these certifications, you will need the best guidance. And who else can do a better job than the experts at our company. With an experience of 5 years in digital marketing and ensuring the growth of the business, we have built a course to help the youth of India build a successful full career in Digital marketing through this course.

TTDigitals every day will be a fresh start with something better and exciting to learn and grow. The tips and tricks provided by your mentor, experts in their field will make your learning experience hassle-free and help you clear the certification offered by digital google garage.

Digital marketing is completely based on practical experience and knowledge, we believe that it is best to give real-life experience than some theory classes. Yes, you heard us!! Anything that is going to be taught you will definitely get practical exposure to the topic with live projects and case studies.

Reference - https://learndigital.withgoogle.com/digitalgarage

Perks of our course:

Get the opportunity to work on live projects

In-depth theoretical knowledge
The practical approach to solving business growth-related problems
Tips and tricks from our experts to clear the certification
Doubt clearing sessions
Notes made by experts themselves
Practice test

Course fees:

No matter which stage of life you are in, learning will always be a part of it. Only when we learn new things we grow into a better version of ourselves. Hence, never hold yourself back from an amazing experience like this. Join us and let the journey begin!!

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