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Career Options: A Plethora Of Job Opportunities In Digital Marketing In 2021

Career Options: A Plethora Of Job Opportunities In Digital Marketing In 2021

Author : By Hrishikesh 2021-10-19 17:42:05
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Job Opportunities in Digital Marketing in 2021

When graduates look for a career in today’s market, the immediate reaction one notices is fear: fear attached to the unemployment crisis, confusion about what they would enjoy doing, and just fear of not being accepted. 

With the rise of the pandemic, it is abundantly clear that most sectors in the world aren’t doing that great. The crisis and global economic situation are less than ideal for students who have spent lakhs securing a good seat in prestigious universities. However, on the flip side, we’re noticing more and more individuals migrating to the Top Digital Marketing companies in India, no matter what background they are from. 

Of course, Digital marketing has been one of the most sought out professions for the last few years, but these figures have shot up in the time of the pandemic. The internet has become the sole medium for the communication of any kind in the last two years, making this industry the need of the hour. 

The job market for digital marketing is booming, with almost every brand out there putting a significant focus on its marketing efforts. If you’re a newly graduated fresher looking for a career in this industry or are a professional trying to upgrade your skills for this industry, this blog is for you.

The Top In-Demand Digital Marketing Careers in 2021

The online marketing market is thriving and offers a plethora of career opportunities for individuals. If you have the relevant experience, skill sets, and the proper education, you can choose from a broad spectrum of careers, each unique and requiring specific competencies. 

Many digital marketing institutions in India also provide intensive internship opportunities and hands-on experience to empower them with job-specific skills. Procuring a fascinating, satisfactory job that challenges you and empowers you will not be hard at all. 

Here are some of the most sought-out, high paying careers you can pursue: 

Search Engine Optimization Specialist:

SEO, which expands as Search Engine Optimization, is one of the essential aspects of digital marketing, and the importance given to SEO is unparalleled! A role as an SEO specialist is a highly regarded profession for this reason. The job of these experts is to optimize websites and all marketing efforts, drive relevant traffic to the brand and ensure that the web presence of a company abides by all the standards and rules levied by Google and other search engines. 

The job requires individuals who are creative and are great with strategizing and understanding technical aspects. The position is quite challenging, with the changing algorithms, the influx of new companies and websites every day, and adjusting and maintaining new strategies throughout. If you have a knack for analyzing, researching, strategizing, and thinking in innovative terms, a professional as an SEO expert is something to consider. 

Social Media Marketing Specialist: 

A career in SMM or Social Media Marketing is one of the most appealing career choices to most young adults out there! Social Media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook etc. have emerged as one of the most robust platforms on the internet and are the most creative, engaging platform to empower a company’s digital marketing. A social media marketing expert would handle everything regarding a company’s social media precedence, from branding to strategy, from planning media posts to executing live sessions and ads. 

The profession requires technical and analytical skills, but above all, it requires a deep understanding of consumer behavior and innovative geniuses to make campaigns that stand out. This is one of the most thrilling career choices, especially for young graduates and aspiring digital marketers. 


At the crux of promotion, marketing, and advertising, the essence of any effort is established with the written word and visual elements that support it. A powerful message can take campaigns to a whole new reach and efficiently communicate a company’s actual message and vision. This is why content and copywriters form the base that SEO, SMO, SMM, SEM, PPC, and email marketing experts alike use daily. 

If you’re someone who loves writing and has a passionate zeal for the impact of the written word, you should highly consider a job in content and copywriting! 

Website Design and Graphic Designer 

Like we already mentioned, content and visual elements are the fundamental aspects of digital marketing, without which no campaign or effort can succeed. A website is the initial node of contact that establishes a customer’s perspective of a company, where a lead decides if they want to engage with the company. As a web developer or graphic designer, one can have numerous platforms to unleash their creative and artistic side, combined with their love for technology. Graphic designers also highly value designing ads, visuals for blogs, pitch decks, social media posts, and so much more! A great visual or aesthetically pleasing website can provide a company with a massive increase in sales, which is why companies spend so much in hiring the best to handle these aspects. 

If you’re someone who loves creating art and has a proactive attitude towards art and technology, then a career in Web design and graphic design could be perfect for you! 

 Website developer

 A website is a primary salesman in the world of the internet. From bringing the right traffic to drawing awareness and impacting conversions, a website is responsible for the overall success of an eCommerce. A website needs to be aesthetically appealing, but beyond that, it must be comprehensive, fully functional, and responsive for any individual even to stop and appreciate the visuals or content. 

A website developer is highly skilled in HTML, CSS, Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP, React, and Ruby. One must have skills in employing website building platforms as well. If you’re looking for more engagement, you can expand your portfolio into UI or UX as well! If you’re someone who loves coding and enjoys adding a little creativity to it, a career in web development might be perfect for you. 

The careers mentioned above are only 5 of the top-ranking Digital Marketing careers, but in reality, many more professions and positions add to the vast industry. If you’re trying to chase a career in Digital Marketing, the best time to do so would be now!

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