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Best 5 Technical SEO Tips That Will Instantly Boost Huge Traffic To Your Website

Best 5 Technical SEO Tips That Will Instantly Boost Huge Traffic To Your Website

Author : By Hrishikesh 2022-02-02 11:29:52

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is considered a vital digital marketing strategy. Whether you are the owner of a small startup or a big MNC, search engine optimisation is helping businesses in all sectors around the world. Even if you have amazing content but your website lacks SEO, you might face challenges ranking higher on search engine result pages.


When approached correctly, SEO can do wonders and help you reach your target audience. Before moving on to technical SEO tips, lets first know what Technical SEO is.

What is Technical Search Engine Optimization?


Technical SEO is the process of optimizing the websites indexing, crawling, and rendering phase. This, in turn, will help boost its ranking in search engines. Its all about improving the technical aspect of your website, so it has a strong foundation. This way, all the content you put on your website will have a better chance of driving traffic to the website for the targeted keywords and phrases.

Best Technical SEO tips


Now, here are the five best technical SEO tips that can help you boost traffic to your website.

●  Make your website mobile-friendly


Having a mobile-friendly website is very important nowadays. There are various free tools available on the internet that can help you. Tools like Googles Mobile-Friendly Test can help you know if your website meets the criteria to be mobile-friendly or not. Another one, like HubSpots Website Grader, will provide an in-depth sight into how you can optimize your websites mobile friendliness.

● Optimize the XML Sitemap


Google finds and indexes your website through sitemaps, and therefore it is important to create XML sitemaps. If you are a WordPress user, simply get WordPress Plugins like Yoast or Google XML Sitemaps to generate it. After creating the sitemap, you need to submit it to Google Search Console. Login to your Google Search Console account, go to sitemaps then add a new sitemap, and hit submit. Voila! Your XML sitemap is submitted.

● Websites need for speed


How quickly your website loads has a huge effect on driving traffic to your website. If your website is slow, Google will place a small penalty on it, which is - it will rank lower on search engine result pages. Top SEO Company in Pune can help you optimize your sites loading time as this is one technical SEO aspect that you cannot ignore.

● Run weekly audits


Consistency is the key so, you need to run weekly technical SEO audits to rank higher. Tools like Semrush are considered the industry stars right now as they provide an in-detail report of your websites technical aspect. This tool will scan your site and recommend necessary fixes to improve your websites technical health.

● Include main keywords in image alt text


Google doesnt recognise a picture just by seeing it. It reads it through metadata like image file name and image alt text. One of the best technical SEO tips is to put main keywords with the right amount of description for the alt text. Although, make sure you are not overstuffing the keywords.


Technical SEO is vital for ensuring that your website ranks higher on search engines. The best digital marketing company in Pune can provide expert help in a big way and improve your websites performance in search engines. These little tips can go a long way when you need to boost massive traffic to your website.


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