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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Author : By Hrishikesh 2022-02-24 18:35:11
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What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing can be simply understood as a way a company advertises its product through third parties and compensates them for providing traffic or generating leads for the company’s product or services. These third party promoters are known as affiliates and the commission fees they get are a way the company compensated for promoting their product. 

Understanding Affiliate Marketing:

Now the real question is how exactly affiliate marketing works? 

If an ecommerce merchant is targeting a wider number of internet users then they hire affiliates. These affiliates have the access to multiple emails for marketing, links to websites etc. The more number of emails and links the better an affiliate can perform. The next step is the affiliate marketer promoting the goods and services in his platform. The promotion can be done through various factors which includes text ads, banner ads, through emails promoting the product,  links on multiple websites owned by the affiliate. They can also take help of articles, images and videos in order to promote the product. 

Once a target audience clicks on the link provided by the affiliate, the person gets directed to the ecommerce website. The main focus here is to convert the visitors into buyers. If the audience buys the product or services, the merchant credits the commission of around five to 10 percent of the sale to the affiliate. 

More on Affiliate Marketing

Earlier companies used to pay the cost per click. Which means if a person clicks on the link provided by an affiliate marketer then the company pays for each click. But now, companies pay commission on actual sale or qualified leads. The previous way was too vulnerable as clicks could be generated through various software. Now most of the affiliate programs have strict rules and regulation. Certain methods are completely banned for example installing adware and spyware. These tools were used to redirect visitors for all search queries to a particular affiliate site. These rules have been a win win for both, the merchant and the affiliate.

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